Monday, September 26

My Life is Average Mondays: When the Phone Rings.

You guys already know that I'm a Star Trek fan and that it's my preferred Friday night activity. So, a few Fridays ago, I was watching an episode of The Next Generation. It's called Phantasms and I highly recommend if if you haven't seen it yet. 
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In the episode, Data has some disturbing dreams where there's this incessant ringing. It turns out to be a telephone, but the way the music plays, it turns out to be a little creepy. In the episode, there are several of these dream sequences and once during them I said to my friend, "I think my phone's ringing." My friend assures me that it's just the phone in the episode until... the phone in the show stops ringing and we still hear ringing. I run outside to grab my phone... it was my phone after all! From a room away, it sounded like the exact same pitch and tone. Totally creepy.


  1. ahahahahahh!
    I had a similar experience with a ringing phone on a tv commercial, i run to grab my phone everytime this spot passed on tv!^^

  2. What a coincidence! I happen to be watching Star Trek: The Next Generation too with the hubby!! =P Despite it being an "old" show, I think it's still highly relevant! :P

  3. I've never watched Star Trek, I guess I'll give it a shot :). Should I start with Phantasms?

  4. i would feel creepy too ;) :D But a lovely pic!

  5. I have had things like that happen to me, too!!! Like, the phone in the show will ring, and then the phone at home rings .. So weird!
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  6. I love your blog but sadly can not relate to the Star Trek situation. My dad used to MAKE me watch it as a kid so now I just can't do it.......

    Get Up & Go

  7. yes that same creepy thing has happened to me before!!!

    well, you mentioned that regarding the LV event you read about it elsewhere too?

    that's awesome where did you see it mentioned ?

    oh and i still cant get over the pictures from the bakery making my mouth watery!!!

    Label me ADDICT ♥

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment x
    Thanks for the recommendation on this episode!!
    I remember as a child watching star trek almost every night,I loved it x
    You have a new follower! Look forward to more Treky posts and I hope your having a wonderful day x

  9. I know how that feels! My sister used to have this tinkling ring tone, a little bit nutcrackerish but somewhat creepy. A horror show used the same ring tone and eeks! I told her to change it.

  10. LOL.. My mom and I do that almost all the time.. We are not very connected to our phone I guess


  11. Ah! How creepy! I've seen that episode. I can't help but watch Next Generation when it's on at 3am and I happen to be awake.

  12. I totally love the episodes about Data. Paul and I watched all seven seasons of The Next Generation over the course of about two years!

  13. Lauren - That's awesome. I love Data's Sherlock Holmes episodes!

    Jamie Rose - Haha. I have never seen TNG on TV. I just never know if it's a good episode or not.


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