Tuesday, September 13

Pagosa Springs

I worked this past summer and I was desperate for vacation photos. Other than sneaking about all your vacations and road trips, I asked my friends to send me pictures too. One friend did this when he went on a one week journey with his family to Colorado.

This friend is an amateur photographer, so I just thought I'd share some of his pictures. I'd really appreciate comments and constructive criticism in this post. Thanks guys!

Which photo is your favorite? I love the one of the bubbles!


  1. Beautiful :) Makes me want to go on a long, bucolic walk and take loads of snaps.

  2. I'm a bit of an amateur photographer myself and your friend definitely has a great eye. The composition in some of these shots is awesome. My only criticism is that the first couple of shots seem a bit over exposed. I'm not sure what kind of equipment he uses but that sort of thing can be adjusted on even point-an-click type cameras. My favorite shot is also the one with the bubbles ;)

  3. I think these pictures are pretty!! The photography is pretty good, too. I wish I could have gone with!

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  4. The bubbles is my favorite too- its definitely captured a little moment!

  5. same here, love the bubbles one. xx

  6. I love the bubbles too!


  7. These pics are gorgeous...you have a great eye!! I think I love them all equally!! Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm your newest follower! Feel free to follow me back!

    ♥ Shia

  8. My favourite is the first picture, of the pretty blue flowers!

    xx Grace

  9. i think that your friend should first work on getting the proper exposure on some of these photos. the first two photos seem over exposed and the ones towards the end seem under exposed. i'm not sure what type of camera your friend is using, but if the camera allows, i'd highly recommend shooting in raw. shooting in raw will allow for some leeway on issues with exposure (and more). i'd personally recommend downloading lightroom as it's my software of choice for photo editing. ..also because it's fairly easy to use!

    when composing an image, think about the area of focus. which subject in the frame does he want to mainly focus on? is it the grass? the sky? the mountain? some photos have a very busy background that is rather distracting (eg. photo #5). the wreck of the fallen tree and texture of the wood is interesting, but it gets lost within the the trees in the background. perhaps an option here is using a lower depth of field to create a blurred background.

    i'm really not quite sure about the composition for the majority of the photos. perhaps try getting down low or very high to find interesting angles. also keep in mind there is the option of cropping in photo editing software afterwards.

    i guess those are some of my tips for now! i don't think photography is one my strongest artistic abilities, but these are some of the things i think of when i am composing an image. hope they help in some way!

  10. great pics! i'm no photographer but these are beautiful. i like that yellow flower one!


  11. I love the bubbles too, but also the wildflowers! So pretty!

  12. Pretty pictures, but I would love to see them all bigger :)

    See you!

  13. I am totally not a photographer, but I like pretty pics. hahaha, especially if they have wonderful stories behind them. My fave has got to be the third one from the top.
    ♥ laura

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  14. After your comment about my outfit yesterday, I sought out searching the web to show you better examples of it. 24 minutes later and I found this, which I think kinda sums up my idea: http://www.jamesshuuey.com/-content/uploads/2011/08/rachel01-08-2011.png
    Just cinch in the waist on the dress to make it look more like a skirt! Hope you try it!

  15. I'm a fan of the Queen Anne's Lace photo.

    A general comment for the photos: it looks like the jpg compression is over-compressing, making the images sort of block-blurried. Uploading higher quality photos would make it easier to see what's done on purpose, and what's just poor compression :)

  16. The bubble one is my fave too! She did a great job with these pictures!

  17. I especially like the yellow daisies! And I love the idea of sending one another photos of each other's vacations. Have a great day!

  18. beautiful! where do the bubbles come from??

    xx from hong kong :)

  19. My favorites are the photos with the yellow flowers and the last one of the water...very pretty.


  20. I love the bubbles and the one with the yellow flowers w fur trees in the background.


  21. The second one is lovely, if only it had more focus on the middle one, that can be done with photoshop though, so great job anyways, these are all pretty nice, some lack of a better position, but it's a nice eye-through, hope you're having atleast some fun since you've worked all summer.

  22. Kelly-Ann - Your vocabulary impresses me.

    WitchHazel - Make up and photography? You're multitalented!

    deppa - Click to expand.

    iris - Thanks for pointing that out. I'm not quite sure what's causing it. I'll have to look into it.


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