Thursday, October 6

Cupz and Crepez

There's a certain love that everyone has for their neighborhood restaurants. You know, the ones that are family run?

But unfortunately, these family run restaurants are sometimes open to the same pitfalls as chain restaurants. Unpleasant staff, expensive prices, lack of atmosphere, bad food... While small business owners are admirable, I don't think that it's fair to relax general standards on them.

Cupz and Crepes is a family run business. Though I'm a fan of most places with a smaller family feel I didn't love this place as much. And they sell crepes! What?

The set up is pretty nice. It's a roomy place that has tables as well as comfortable chairs in a cafe style. 

Their handwritten menu is a nice touch and everything on their menu looks... so incredibly YUM.

My friend got a hot chocolate. The whipped cream is a lovely touch and I find myself really attracted to the cup they used as well. 

And that strawberry nutella crepe? No complaints from me!

This looks significantly less impressive, but I swear it still is. Avocado and chicken. It's just hearty and makes a good lunch.

Their food was yummy, and the cafe atmosphere was chic... But the service was awkward. I did go during the middle of the day, but the place was incredibly empty and the one employee was incredibly distant. I like a smile occasionally!


  1. Crepes are the BEST. I used to go to this creperie in town (which has been closed since my last visit~whimper) and I would get a savory crepe, usually lox with chives and cream cheese, and a dessert crepe, usually slathered in Nutella.

  2. I love family-run restaurants. We have a great one by us that everyone adores. The staff is really nice. A smile goes a long way!
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  3. That is so mouth watering...Oh wow...

    Glad that I'm following you, would you like to follow me back? :)

  4. Yum, everything looks delicious. The family run places I got to usually have really good service...and food :)

    xo erica

  5. I LOVE crepes and their menu looks pretty tempting in the "cupz" area too. Sorry to hear about the distant service though :(

  6. Aww I hate when bad customer service totally kills a visit :/ That place looks real cozy though!

  7. Even though my intestines are in pain (from going on a food bender yesterday), I now WANT/NEED crepes!!!!! I was gonna "cheat" tomorrow and get a lobster roll, the kind on buttered bread, but I wonder if I should have a crepe instead....or BOTH??!! Hahahahahaha :D

  8. It amazes me that places don't focus more on customer service--a manager who has it together makes a huge difference.

    There's a new creperie here, but I haven't tried it yet, mostly because it seems a little pricy and it looks like everything has goat cheese in it! I used to love chèvre, but I had a sandwich in France that made me sick and I haven't been able to eat it since...

  9. Aww! Family run? There's always something so personal about a fmaily run business. The atmosphere looks so cozy here, and the food, of course, looks delish!

  10. I like small and cozy type cafes like those. Yum! The crepes look delish, I usually like mines sweet with nutella, ice cream, and whip cream.

  11. laura - I love that with crepes you have have one for your meal and another one for desert.

    LePetiteLemon - Lobster is dinner and crepe is dessert. That's only 1 cheating meal.

    Eileen - Everything about the place was great! ..Except the people.

    che - I have NOT had an ice cream crepe yet. Must try that out.

  12. looks yummy
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