Tuesday, October 4

Heels, Beauty, and Fandoms!

I like to write in my blog... but I also like to read other people's blogs. And sometimes, people write things that I just really love. 

It's either this inspiring and amazing outfit post or this really insightful article... or just some plain helpful tips. I considered doing a "Link Up" kind of post, but I realized that there's no day of the week that starts with L. 

So this will just be a once in a while post. =)

Stripper Heels are Meant for Strippers  - I thought this was an interesting article about shoe height.

What is "Blogger Beautiful?" - For those of us who put outfit pictures on the internet, it's inevitable to compare. This article includes a few thoughts on what "Blogger Beautiful" is. 

And a random picture: 

from 9gag.com
Harry Potter Beauty - A link from over the summer to relive the end; makeup looks inspired by each house. Hufflepuff!

Zachary Quinto (Spock in Star Trek 2009) plays rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock in the clip below


  1. You know you'd got my attention with the photo and the clip. hahaha. I LOVE Batman AND Sherlock Holmes. It's hilarious. AND Zachary Quinto is gorgeous. I can just ogle at him all. day. long.
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  2. That is a cool comic-book type of picture. I would love a 'link-up' post, but yeah, no day starts with N!

  3. The Harry Potter beauty link was so great! My inner beauty nerd was in love :)

    I also love everything Gala writes. She's so great. I like this new blog feature of yours!

  4. Nice pic. I saw Sting on Letterman last night and he looked like he was dressed in a Batman outfit. Funny stuff.

  5. I heart Batman....actually I heart Robin....no one has love for Robin.....

    I never got into Harry Potter but I did meet Daniel Ratcliff once!

    Get Up & Go

  6. I am heading over to check out these two articles now! I like that you featured interesting things that you have found. It's great when bloggers share links!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Though I like both articles my favorite has to be the one about stripper heels lol I personally am not a huge fan of those "fat" heels if you know what I mean, I always thought they looked tacky and wondered why would huge brands even both making those. I agree with the article for the most part but I still think a girl can look stunning in flats! LOL and running in heels? That sounds as hard as walking on water for me T_T

    As for the aquarium, I've also contemplated that thought and always hoped that if there was an earthquake while I was there I'd be outside and not inside and preferably not in the amazon where both snakes AND bugs are housed!

  8. omgggg Harry Potter Beauty!! loving this! thanks so much for the links. ^_^

  9. tHANks for visiting my blog and for liking my artworks!...I love your thoughts on the 2 articles...:)

  10. Haha, this made me laugh.


  11. Noah Homola - What? That's the most random thing ever!

    suki pooki - What I can't stand is when action heroines run in heels. I can walk pretty fast in them, but run away from an explosion? No way.


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