Monday, October 17

My Life is Average Mondays: Weeping Angel

One of the scariest monsters in the television show Doctor Who are the Weeping Angels.The Angels are not a new species, but I first encountered them in the episode "Blink". The story behind the Angels is this: Weeping Angels are a species of aliens. They are frozen into stone when any creature is looking at them, however, when they are not being looked at, they attack. A single touch from them takes their victim back into the past as these Angels live off potential energy. 

Now, I had heard of this episode even before I started watching Doctor Who, so when I got to it, I recruited a friend. We watched the episode and it was scary, but manageable. Then he told me the story of this Statue at Arizona State's West Campus.  He even took a picture of it at night. 

Now, this is called Statue of Woman Looking into the Future, but it just a creepy picture of a hooded woman. Imagine passing by that at night! 


  1. OMG Aki I'm scared :'( the last picture looks so scary lol!! and its already night time here omg xD

  2. Creeppy picture :(
    I don't like it either.

    Have a pretty day!
    See you.

  3. I get nightmares so easily that this would probably make me pee myself.
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  4. Doctor Who is cool. So scary though :D
    thanks for your sweet comment on my last post!

  5. Omg'd Aki! I would totally watch my back girl! HAHAHA That is CREEPY to the MAX!!! I just shivered. HAHAHAHA Great post girl! :D

  6. wow! i like it so much!!!! ;-)
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    Miriamstella (from Italy)

  7. omg. now thanks for waking some ridiculous fear I have of hooded creatures.

    So I'm pretty much a self-professed geek, but I for some reason NEVER got in to Dr. Who. I think I told you this before, but the first season just didn't grab my attention. Now I wonder, can I watch the David Tennant ones and just skip whichever ones went before that?
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  8. reading your post gave me the chills!

  9. Whoa.. That is a scary statue!


  10. I would never take my eyes off that statue if I had to walk by it! NEVER!

  11. who that is a creepy image !

    besides that! your blog is great, now following :)


  12. wow intimidating!!

    xx from hong kong :)

  13. CREEEEPY!!!! They're even creepier in Season 5. Now, every time I see an angel statue on someone's lawn, I think of the Weeping Angels! >_<

  14. OK, both the story about the weeping angels and the Arizona State statue are very creepy. I would not want to pass that statue at night.


  15. Diana - I know, it's a really scary picture.

    Erin - Why would they have it on campus? Seriously.


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