Monday, October 10

My Life is Awesome Mondays: Whatspp

Technology is amazing. I'm not a techy person, but I appreciate technology. Recently I was introduced to Whatsapp. Whatsapp is basically text messaging... which isn't that impressive but it works through your data plan. That means, that you can text your friends from across the world, which as it happens, one of my friends is. 

Texting someone is fun... but waking up to a picture texted to you from across the world? A picture of Stonehenge? 

That's inconceivable. 


  1. Awww, that's an awesome picture of stonehenge!!! :D

  2. Thanks for your comment! Aww you're really from accounting? You can help me on my accounting lesson :D


  3. Amazing....can the sky really look that blue???!! =P Hehehe. The Stonehendge is pretty cool too!! :D

  4. Sharing a moment with her closest friend thousands of miles away?

    That's happiness!

  5. wow that's pretty awesome to wake up to!! gorgeous. btw thanks for entering my giveaway hun!! xx

  6. Beautiful picture. This looks like a great app.


  7. wow. receiving a text picture of the stonehenge is pretty amazing. xx

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  8. I like whatsapp too, best part, it's free messaging. And you can do it in groups. To get a picture like this is even better!

    Thanks for your sweet comment!


  9. That's so pretty! I'm going to check this out. Thanks.


  10. If this happened to me my first instant reaction would be "omg that's amazing" and right after would be "omg I can't believe Im not there" and a slow creeping feeling of envy would take over hahaha not that I wouldn't be happy for my friend of course =D But it's a great thing to wake up to!

  11. SassyUptownChic - Isn't it? I can't believe she was actually there!

    Mikan - I miss you!

    suki pooki- I can't believe I wasn't there. It looks beautiful.


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