Saturday, October 22

New School Year, New Planner

I know I'm not the only person who thinks planners are really flipping cool. In preparation for the new school year, I consulted many a college/prep blog to look for the perfect planner. There were a ton of expensive ones, available to order from online but I balked at the 20-30 dollar price tags. I eventually found on at ... Wal-mart.

I'm only a little ashamed.

This planner was about seven bucks and it has a nice, cheery blue color.

One of my concerns with planners is having enough space to write. Luckily, this one has a space for me to plan out my months as well as to go over each week. 

It has lovely tabs as well.

I also wanted to show everyone what my old planner looked like after a year's wear and tear. I have thing thing where I keep planners, just so I see who I was hanging out with, what classes I was taking and what my general mindset is. I have 3 from college so far. You can see that the corners are DONE and that the binding is coming apart. I got this from Walmart too, but after a much less careful search. This was cheaper but the look of it was definitely more juvenile.

Nope, my handwriting isn't neat at all. And yes, I do keep my grocery lists in here as well.
You can really tell that the corners are absolutely done for!
I'd love if if you would share about the planner that you use and show us!


  1. I don't even go to school. :P

  2. My planner looks just like the one you recently got, except way less cool. It's black, and doesn't have the tabs. Haha! For some reason, I have a lot of trouble maintaining a planner, mostly because I get lazy to write in it.

    You remind me of one of my classmates, though. She's always got her planner out on her desk during class, keeping up with it, writing in it, and seeing what she has to do next. :) Both of you probably never forget to do a thing. I wish I were that way!


  3. ooh--super inspiring. this makes me want to get organized!


  4. Love it!!! sorry been kind of MIA lately on my blog gosh I haven't wrote since August long time! been too busy actually on fb! hahahaa

    Btw, do you have fb page? I would actually love to become friends with you. With your blog and you seem to have a nice friendly personality I can tell with your writing hehe

  5. I am really picky about planners too. You picked out a really nice one.


  6. I love planners as well! I now try to use my phone as my planner, but there's just something about writing out my to-dos on a piece of paper & crossing things off :)

  7. 7 am - LEAVE! I find it highly amusing that you felt the need to remind yourself to leave for your tourney hahaha

  8. you're very organized..I also bought a notebook fr Walmart for my business classes and it has the most friendly texture for pens...:)even my organizer is fr Walmart... but there are some nice affordable notebooks too from Ross...leather covered and that is my handy right now...

  9. I LOVE planners. I also take a long time choosing one that I will end up using. I like planners that have a month and daily option, with larger spaces devoted to the latter-- much like how yours looks like. OFtentimes, I end up getting a Hello Kitty one (typical) :)
    ♥ laura
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  10. It's one of the best parts of a new year, starting a fresh with a clean, sparkly new diary!

    -Laura xx

  11. cool planner!!! its really organized and very accessible to scheduled plans for the day... i am also planning to have one the soonest possible... enjoyed your blog..following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!


  12. planners ar so cool. your new one looks suuuper-cute! :)
    i have to say, i only use my online calenders, so that i just need my mac book or my iphone to take with me when i travel...for me that's the easiest way to keep track of my appointments.
    ♥ romi

    p.s.: i'm following you now on google f.c. maybe you wanna follow back? :)

  13. yo i looove planners! There's something about putting down everything you need to do neatly in a pretty notebook that makes me happy haha. This is a great find! I ended up getting mine from staples for 20$ ish but it's like...the size of a sheet of paper. So much room to write in <3

  14. Ah I need to grab a planner too. I've tried tons of phone and computer applications in it's place but to be honest I don't think anything works better than an planner that you can write into. I prefer to have the monthly calender than weekly planner like the one you got. Gonna go check out my wal mart on my way home tonight.

  15. This is such a cute planner! I need to buy myself one too! My life without a planner would be a total mess! x)
    It's just a shame I can't find these type of planers (with the month's tags on the side).
    I know what you mean! Nowadays, it's a little hard to find time to write letters due to college. But I've able to do it! I just love it so much, so I couldn't see myself quiting.
    Well, I pay 1.70€ for each letter! :)

  16. I have a planner very, very similar to this one. I would not be able to survive without my planners. No lie. I need them in my life!!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. I LOVE planners and have been using them since my high school days. I currently just use a plain black one I got for free at work, but have been shopping around for something nicer.. this one is really cute and I love how it's set up.. maybe I'll look for it next time I'm at Walmart ;)

  18. i love a planner. there's something great about seeing things written out in my handwriting and being able to flip through the pages! i can't seem to put stuff in my iPhone, it's just not the same!

  19. after saw this post i want a planner too ;V

  20. ahh I love planners!! I keep a teeny tiny paisley calendar in my pocketbook!! I love it. Problem is that there is NEVER enough space to write. That's ok though b/c the cover is so pretty!!

  21. Planners are the best part of starting anything! I love planning things and got mine at Staples and it's pink :)

  22. Cute!!! Looks good for organizing.

  23. That planner summarizes what I've been trying to learn this Autumn: organizing is cool! ;) I'd love a planner like that, but right now I'm okay with a pocket calendar. (and cell phone, obviously ;)) great post, I really liked this! xoxo

  24. I get REALLY great use out of my planners when I first buy them, but as time goes on, I tend to use them less and less :p


  25. I loveeee getting new planners! I think I have 10 of them in my drawer somewhere.. I use them religiously for a couple weeks and then I stop. Ughh, happens every time! lol.

  26. Wow! Great blog and photos! I love it :)

  27. Nothing like a nice new planner to start a school year. Mine is not pretty, I just use the type that Insurance companies sent out to us customers, usually with a black cover. They're pretty useful.

  28. I LOVE planners...I just bought my next one for 2012 and I can't wait to start filling it up!! I can spend hours looking at the planners and Barnes & Noble...sad I know.

    Yours is SUPER cute - go Walmart!

    ♥ Shia

  29. SWEATshirtDRESSshirt - Before I got my crazy colorful one, I had a plain black planner too. I actually liked that one a lot because it was just plain and professional. But I do feel like I need a bit of color in my life.

    Claire - I know a ton of people who use blackberries for organization but I just can't manage it!

    Lady G - I don't mind free planners. I used them all the time in middle school because my school gave them out... but I don't know if I can hack it with promotional stuff.

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  31. Hello everyone :)

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