Thursday, October 20

Wear a Tubetop at Work

I don't know if you saw that article about the workplace that had a dress code called "Tube top Tuesdays" instead of casual Fridays? It was a case about workplace harassment, which is no joke, but I did wear a tube top to work the other day. How did I do it?

Is there anything that gives an outfit instant class faster than an a pearl necklace and a pair of heels? No.

Dress: Lorada (Unknown)
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe (Old)
Necklace: (Given by Friend)
Heels: Dexter by Payless (22.99)
Belt: Brandless from China (Given/taken from mom)

From here, you can see that I'm not showing shoulders or a lot of a neckline at all. Best of all, the material is still comfortable. Now, the caveat is that up close, it's obvious that my dress is cotton. I wouldn't wear it to an interview, but for an average day at a casual office, it's absolutely appropriate.


  1. I actually think tube tops can be more appropriate than camisoles (under a sweater of course) They tend to be cut straight across and hug tight unlike camisoles which can begin to plunge as they stretch during the day (story of my life, too) Anyway the point is you look great!

  2. You look great! Rock that tube top!!

    ♥ Shia

  3. you did great! totally true that pearls and heels class an outfit up! (AND that beautiful grey sweater!) I never wear tube tops because they just don't flatter my neckline. but they look great on you!
    ♥ laura
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  4. The outfit is simply adorable!
    and oh so classy
    job well done!

  5. And you look awesome girl! Nothing is hanging out or falling out! So important! I love pearls and always think they are so elegant. Love your grey cardi and wide belt too. :D

  6. You did great, you have my basic essentials on pat. Little black dress paired with a cardigan and great pumps.=)

    Miss Macherie

  7. i think u accessorized and dressed it up so nicely. it would be more than appropriate for work. never though a tube dress would be work friendly!!

  8. You did a fantastic job accessorizing this outfit. You can definitely get away with strapless at the office with a cardigan or blazer, and pearls??? YUP perfect!

  9. A cardigan could definitely turn something unexpected into work-appropriate outfit. I had a lot of experience with it.

  10. Great outfit for a workplace!
    It's so much harder to be fashionable and still wear the right clothes for work!


    Chez Carolinette

  11. perfect outfit for work! you look very classy

  12. I think this outfit is perfect for fork, classy but not obvious!
    Great done!

  13. I like how you classed up the tubetop with that jacket and belt! Very cute

  14. Très CHIC !! :)

  15. Organizing is one of my favorite pastimes. Planners make me happy!!!

    Get UP & Go

  16. This is a really cute look. I love how pearls instantly dress up an outfit. I have to admit, sometimes I wear this one plain black halter I own to work with a cami underneath and a cardigan (buttoned) on top. I love the layered look it gives and how the bow that peeks out above the back of the cardi.

  17. cute outfit and yes, the pearls and heels totally class it up!!!

  18. looks super cute, I love clothes that I can wear in everyday life and at the office, it's like a two for one deal!


  19. Shia - Thanks! I never thought I could at work.

    SassyUptownChic - I suppose that it helps because I don't have too much to hang out.

    Rita - Haha, thank you.


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