Saturday, November 5

Accepting Failure

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There's something that I've noticed about myself. I don't like to fail. I'm not a perfectionist, but I can't accept the truth that I've tried my hardest and that I've failed. I'm in my senior year of college, so it's pretty obvious that I've failed plenty before.

But no matter what it is, a relationship, a test, a new hobby... I've always just told myself that it doesn't matter that much, that I can try again soon, that I just didn't try my best because it wasn't worth it. I think that everyone needs different things to make them feel better, but thinking in this way has made me realize that I have never tried and failed and picked myself back up to try again. 

How do you deal with failure?


  1. Some good CRYING! I dealt with failure just recently and for days I cried my eyes out. It took me a few days to get it out of my system but I realized I have so many people who support me and got my back, after realizing that I felt better and I know I can pick myself up and continue on. It's all about knowing that life goes on and as long as you move forward and not dwell on it, I firmly believe "God wouldn't put you through what you can't handle".

  2. As I grow older, I realised I haven't failed quite a lot. I'm trying to think of what my most recent failure was and I could only think of driving. I was so upset at the first failure that I actually cried coz I felt I didn't deserve it. I passed on 2nd try. I've been so much of a perfectionist in recent years that I couldn't quite accept major failure in my life. I can very easily encourage people that it's ok to pick yourself up and learn from failure but it seems like I can't do so for myself.

  3. I think failing is a touchy subject because not many like to admit they fail so I think it is very honest for you to post this =) Inspiring! As for myself, I've failed tons in life but I always tell myself that tomorrow is another day which means I can do something that can make up for my failure! I try not to beat myself over something, especially if I have gotten myself on my own two feet again. Im suppose to have graduated 2 years ago but because of my indecisiveness Im two years behind, but guess what, I don't care because now I've found something I LOVE and actually love to go to school1 (papers and exams are another thing lol)

  4. OMG - I think about failure all the time! You don't know how many times I wanted to drop out of law school! I just tell myself to do my best and learn how to make the most of things. For evening students law school is a 4 year program. I am currently in my last year. 6 more months and I am done - can't wait!

  5. I think that failure is a way to humble us, to prevent us from being too cocky. The hardest thing about it is failing with failure, me I have dealt with it more times than one. The thing is, I survived because I have no choice.Its that or fail again.. hehehe

    Miss Macherie

  6. The picture that went along with this story wins :)
    I fail all the time too...a bit too much actually...

    xx Grace

  7. I try to look over the factors that contributed to my failure...and make sure not to do them again moving forward. always learn from every experience, successful or failing.


  8. i look back and feel i never felt like a failure because i never tried for the things i knew i wouldn't get..i am happy i didn't do most of them..but i took a major wrong turn which has affected by academics,my social life and future hopes of a career..i don't let it bog me down because i have to keep going because i have a long to go.i can't give up even though it seems so hard that it is seems almost impossible to achieve.

  9. I see that we are quite alike! I also have quite a difficult time dealing with failure, especially when I know that I've tried my best. But, through these 21 years, I've already had many failures and disappointments. However, I feel that it has somehow make me stronger. It made walk other paths that I wasn't counting on. But so far, it has made of me an happy person!

  10. hehe. Oh Ron, you make me laugh. The best way to deal with failure is to look past it and keep on moving on. Failures are like scars. Yes, they remind you of unfortunate incidents, but they also look oh so bad-ass.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  11. everyone doesn't like failure, however my opinion is accept the failure whatever you done is wrong... as it takes more courage to accept it.. and try do better next time. Never put too much pressure on yourself (: enjoy life!

    CMPang x

  12. i enjoy a challenge and i see failure as a chance to learn and grow. i admit that i've failed a lot..and most people would probably see me as a huge failure in life lol. but i always easily get over my mistakes and learn from it. i guess i can say i enjoy failure? ...well, no.. i think i mean i enjoy the process of it.

    i like to take my time. if i fail, it's not the end of the world and i believe i can always try again until i achieve my goal(s).

  13. That's pretty much the same way i think.
    I feel like everyone thinks that way.
    Im probably wrong :P
    But my 1st online shop semi-failed, im trying again with more awesome items.
    I actually never give up . lol
    District of Fashion

  14. I am horrible at dealing with failure. And I'll also admit that I get discouraged very easily. If there is slight sign that something isn't going to go the way I envisioned, I want to quit immediately. I know this is terrible. I am 30 and I can honestly say that I don't take failure any better than I did at your age. It's tough and even if I tell myself I can always try again, in the back of my mind all I think of failed last time. Why bother?

  15. Well i think whenever i fail i get all depressed for some time. very bad at dealing with falure.

  16. Thank you for your comment- i will soon get well, just need rest and see my physiotherapist i guess!

    About failure, i think failure is good, it is all part of the learning process, failure gives you the opportunity to move on and if you learn well from failure you will be a better person, just keep smiling!

    I am now a new follower

    Ariane x

  17. I'm totally the same of you in this!
    But i thin there are not failure, but lessons to learn to move on better in some other way!
    (this pic is so fun! I love HP!^^)

  18. Since I accept I'm alive, I accept failure. :P

  19. How I deal with failure is to keep trying over and over and over until I succeed.

    It's not very efficient but damn it I won't give up.

  20. I just keep trying!! P.S. LOVE the HP reference. Ronald Weasly was so cute back then... :)

  21. I don't deal with failure very well at all. I noticed that I've actually held myself back because I don't even give myself that opportunity to succeed. I give up before I even try if that makes any sense. I've also learned that my opinions of success and failure were 1000 times more extreme when it comes to judging myself. I'm not a perfectionist ... I'm just really particular. Now I'm constantly reminding myself that it's okay and that nothing is perfect. I tell myself to take the risk and give myself the chance to succeed or to fail. Sometimes it's not the outcome but the experience that really matters and defines you.

  22. i think the only way to deal with failure is learn and move on - sometimes the best doors open after a failure :)

  23. failure is always tough. What matters more is how we pick ourselves up and go. I try to treat failures as part of life learning, of course some lessons are harder, but don't give up, success is about not being defeated by failures. Keep on trying!

    By the way regarding the question about photo details, my camera has a 15 times zoom function. So I zoom in to do close up shots, edit and crop my pictures on iphoto. Hope that helps.


  24. I think the best way to deal with failure is to remember that you still have a chance to prove yourself that you can achieve those things ^_^ It's okay to look back into the past and learn from the mistakes

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  26. I never failed a test, ever, but I have failed in many of my endeavors. Whenever I do fail, I just remember that quote about how the bulb was invented. "Success is made of thousands of failures." :)

  27. I feel the same way!
    When it comes to blush, do you want name brand or drugstore?

  28. i don't like to fail but i know that it's ok if i do, and i just take it as an experience :-)

  29. Amanda Nguyen - That's absolutely logical, but for me, it hurts to look at why I failed.

    S - I love HP too and I love how those kids don't give up.

    Mongs - Wise words and thanks for the photo help!

  30. I deal with failure like a tantruming child. I get upset and very down on myself.. I may even pout from time to time. Like you, I hate to know that I've tried and failed.. even if it's my first attempt at something I always expect to do it perfectly/correctly, and when I don't, well, my world kind of collapses. I beat myself up more than I really need to. After some heavy self-evaluation I recently realized that I flat out avoid trying/doing things/taking risks just to avoid the possibility of failure. It's something I'm trying really hard to work on.


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