Saturday, November 12

Balboa Park: Rose Garden

This is yet another part in my vacation from long, long ago now. I'm still reliving it, shush. You can see me in Chinatown,  on Santa Monica Pier, pointing at tree-dinosaurs on the street, and gorging myself!

Mugdha had a post on Balboa in her blog here and it became on of the places that I really wanted to go! We got to go listen to a organ performance... it was very classic and eerie... but we eventually got bored. The performance was free but it took place in the sun. Profits were made from these umbrellas.

After that, I whined like a child and we all walked to the rose garden. It was kind of funny because directly across from the rose garden was a desert garden... which looked like an Arizona backyard. We all had a hearty laugh and headed towards the roses. Cue gratuitous pictures. Since you all know that I am NOT a photographer, it's obvious to tell that these were taken by Mugdha, not me. 

Not bad, right? My favvvvvvorite are these two here. 

I'm not a huge flower person, but there's just something sappily beautiful about a hot afternoon, a cool flower patch and some pretty flowers. 

We got to sit on the benches behind this last photo and just... enjoy.


  1. It looks amazing! I love the flower photos! :)

  2. Wow! Beautiful vibrant colours!

    xx Grace

  3. I'm not a really fan of flowers but they do look beautiful! Amazing pict! xx

  4. 175th follower :)
    Flowers are beautiful!! Colors are really bright <3

  5. Looks like it was a great holiday and the colours of these images are so beautiful...weird to look at them when in Europe the cold season has arrived...Have a great w-e!

  6. What a pretty rose garden! And it doesn't matter that these pictures from a while ago, because it was still a fun vacation, right? :)

    How is Mugdha doing by the way? You should tell her to get back on Blogger!

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

  7. ooooh wow. those roses look amazing! I'm not one to go gaga over flowers too, but whenever there are gorgeous blooms that are obviously well-taken care of, I kinda soften up a bit :) LOVELY photos!

    ♥ laura
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  8. wow, wow, took such amazing, vibrant photos!! I feel like I could reach out my hand and touch the gorgeous flowers!! what a wonderful day!


  9. Those flowers are so beautiful and what a wonderful concert! I'm loving the sea of umbrellas. HAHAHA :D

  10. Wow! Where is this? I love gardens but I don't have a green thumb. -.-" I was gonna go attend a tulip festival but the day I was finally free to go, I called them up and they closed! Uugh... Now I gotta wait till next year. =(

  11. aww I was there last summer ! :(

  12. balboa park is beautiful, my sister got married right there in the rose garden.

  13. beautiful pictures..! Your blog is so great <3

  14. Grace - I honestly did not know that there were so many different types of roses!

    Not Just A Pretty Dress - It's not cold where I am, but these pictures were from the summer.

    SassyUptownChic - I thought the sea of umbrellas was the funniest part.

    M.May - I haven't seen many tulips. I hope you get to visit them!


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