Thursday, November 3

Breakfast in San Diego

After a whole day of driving to California, walking around Chinatown, playing on the beach and walking around the street we were all very tired. So, we drive back up to San Diego and crashed for the night. After we woke up the following morning, we went to breakfast.

That makes this post gratuitous food porn.

Mugdha took us to a place that's apparently pretty popular in SD. It's called the Broken Yolk.

When we got there, we had some parking issues, but we figured that one out. We had to wait a while for our seat and so we took that time to walk around. Wasn't too much around to see.

I did manage to snap a picture of a food challenge they had.


I love grapefruit juice and they totally had the stuff to make me want to go back! Fresh squeezed and natural. It was the absolute best. 

I decided to take pictures of what everyone got. Yeah, I'm that annoying friend. Most bloggers are though... right? Here's a breakfast burrito with beans and salsa.

An omelet with hash browns and a biscuit. 

And here's my meal, toast, fruit, and a bacon avocado omelet. 

And here, when they say bacon and avocado, they don't skim out on anything. Each bite is fully loaded. Ahh... it was the best. 

I'd definitely go again.


  1. california + great food makes for a perfect blog post. even though i just ate, these photos are literally making my stomach rumble haha :]

  2. HAHA Aki! I'm the same way girl! Let me take a snapshot of your plate. LOL My mom just looks at me! HAHAHA Oh the life of a blogger. Girl these foodie pics look so good. Can I have all the plates? HAHAHA Thanks for sharing! Wishing you a wonderful day. :D

  3. Everything looks so delicious.. I'm sitting at work right now, completely starving.. wishing I had that bacon/avocado omelet. Yum.

    I love their tag line, so funny ;p

  4. Mmmm huevos :9 I love fruits, and the ones from your order look delish :D

  5. oh em gee... everything with avocado is just delicious! Thanks for making me starve again! I just ate dinner!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

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  7. oh jeez, a 12 dozen omelet?! Who can finish that for an hour? lol

    have a nice day

    Miss Macherie
    November 4, 2011 3:39 AM

  8. The food looks really delicious! It's a pity that San Diego is far far away...Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

  9. the food looks delish..i think breakfast dishes are the best..i can have them all they with no complaints
    plus this makes me really want to move base to sunny california

  10. i can understand that! i think the best way to understand a piece of art is to first describe everything literal that is seen. after, relate them to what each of those things could connote. and i guess even if something doesn't make sense, the aesthetic and uniqueness of it could still be interesting enough to be appreciated.

    i LOVE grapefruit juice! i don't usually see it on menus though, for some reason. i also love coconut drinks. my faaavourite!

  11. I could eat breakfast menu all day.. For brunch. for lunch. lunner. and dinner! :)


  12. The omelet looks so good! Yummy :D

  13. Oh, this looks so delic! I want breakfast for dinner now.


  14. That's just what I need!

  15. hahaha I need to stay far far away!

  16. RACHEL - They're making my stomach rumble too. I've got to watch when I post these things.

    songbird - I think breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

    Stevia - Same here... even though I love lunch and dinner.


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