Thursday, November 17

Casual Outing

I really like this shirt. It's just a comfy, cotton tee. I find that it's perfectly casual.

In this picture, it makes me look a little bit like a tent, but that's ignore that. I'm sure that's not the shirt's fault. I think I wore this outfit on a day out shopping or something like that.

 Shirt: Urban Outfitters ( about $10)
Shorts: Love Culture (about $12)
Shoes: Old Navy (about $5)
Bag: from China (approx 35$)

I also want to show you my new watch!

I gave in over the summer to those watches everyone was getting... but since I knew I had a much smaller budget and would probably be in it only for the trend (and the fact that I needed an analog watch for a test) I got this cheap one from target. It makes me happy all the same.

It's not the most flattering angle...but I really enjoy the summery shade of white and I think it can really stand out in the winter too. 


  1. I actually like that you're posting this shirt and watch at the same time. It gives the post a "trendy white rabbit" feel

  2. Hi! As far as blush, I like Rimmel or NYX if you like cream blush.

  3. Love love LOVE the shirt!!

    ♥ Shia

  4. sucha cute t-shirt! i miss summer when looking at your outfit. Why is it so cold here!

  5. Hey Aki! I love the shirt's message, "you're not in wonderland anymore. LOL" I wish I was! Great shirt and watch! :D

  6. Hahaha I know! School's been kicking my butt but I'm trying to stay on top of this again (:

    I really like the watch! The last watch I bought in white ended up getting really ugly colored *sigh* I always have horrible luck with anything white.

  7. Clean and simple, love white wrist watches...fresh any time of year!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  8. totally love your watch

  9. very nice t-shirt and watch.

  10. what a super comfy outfit! i love your watch. i have to have a watch w numbers or at least the markings on them. can't freaking guess when the face is blank hahaha! i just stare at it trying to figure it out. drives me crazy!

  11. Bahhh, I can't believe you're in SHORTS! It's soooo cold over here - I have been bundling up like crazy! Envy? YES.

    And ah, cute watch! I need to buy one - I never know the time when I'm at work! I don't know when to go on my breaks! Hahha.

  12. I love the watch! Your t-shirt is cute, and I promise you that it does NOT make you resemble a tent. LOL

  13. I actually like the shirt and the watch :) white watches are really stylish too :)


  14. you are actually looking cute and comfortable with these threads!

    so cheers

  15. Your shirt is indeed really cute! :)
    I've been also wanting to get one of these watches!

  16. cute watch!


    - teeney

  17. Cassykins - I didn't even realize that. I like it!

    Elle Sees - I've never tried creme blush, but I'll have to!

    mizzsandychau - I'm wondering why it's so warm here!

    ShinyPrettyThings - Same here. I like numbers.

  18. I always hated wearing watches for some reason, until the day I laid eyes on my Betsy Johnson. I got it from Nordstrom Rack for 1/3 of the original price (around $50) and have worn it a million times since. I love it with casual, jeans and t-shirt looks and I love to wear it when I'm dressed up to go out. Turns out I don't hate watches, I just hate dainty little lady watches. Big face watches are awesome, yours included! Great buy!

    Also, about printed tee's.. I find that as I get older (I recently turned 29) less and less of these types of shirts appeal to me. I find yours to be really simple and cute but I can never seem to find anything like this (they're usually so busy and so.. sparkly), or anything that looks (and feels) appropriate on my old self ;[


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