Tuesday, November 8

I don't know how to swim...

But I can still pose by the pool like a pro. Ignore my silly looking grimace here. It's not my fault, my face was in the sun.

As Arizona continues to be hot, I continue to wear summer clothes. The winter better be extra long to make up for the never ending summer. I'm drinking an Arnold Palmer in this picture. It was really yummy. Arnold Palmers are the perfect summer drink. Or in Arizona, I suppose an all-seasons drink.

 Shirt: Calvin Klein ($10)
Skirt: Forever 21 ($10)

I also wanna share a better picture of the new Sinful Colors Polish I got. It's called Pull Over. 

Here's a random picture of my friend's dog. It's cute.

It's also a strange dog. His name is Monty and he hates water. In fact, if you throw him in the pool, he'll swim out and rub himself on trees to dry off... instead of shaking. Thank goodness there's no cacti in the backyard!


  1. Aw it's hard to believe anywhere can be hot right now when it's so cold here in the UK haha!



  2. I don't know how to swim either. I just struggle in the water for a few minutes and sink. Well stand up anyway. I never go in the deep end. Have too many rough memories from childhood with water

  3. this is a summer photo..it isn't very cold here at all..i went out today in a long sleeve top and it was just enough..i didn't know how to swim till i was 16.the last one in my class!
    then i found a couple more who didn't know as well.
    dogs can be so amusing and constantly make you go aww!

  4. HAHA Aki!!! You are posing by that pool girl. I can't swim either, so I would be doing the same. LOVE that yellow polish. It looks great on you. And Monty is too funny. LOL Have a great day. :D

  5. hahah i can't swim either! everyone makes fun of me!

  6. Lovely skirt! :)
    It's really hard to believe how you're still wearing summer clothes, while I'm already covered with several layers of clothing! ^^

  7. Ah totally jealous. I wish I could be baking in the sun. It's so cold and grey here in Toronto. Love the color of your skirt.

  8. OMG I CANT SWIM EITHER!!!!! ppl think im some weirdo...i just never learned hahaha blame my parents! love the photos, your nails are so awesome!

  9. neither can i! lucky you, it's getting chilly in toronto!

  10. mmm yes arnold palmers are delicious! and those yellow nails are so fantastic!


  11. I love your colors.. its really summery. Nice nail polish, the yellow tint looks delicious.

  12. yum! Arnold Palmers are delish! and I don't know how to swim, either. I'm not married to Aquaman, so who cares, really, right?
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
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  13. I don't know how to swim either! I'm a little embarrassed about it but mostly worried because in April I am going white water rafting. eek!! what if i fall outt

  14. Cute photo by the pool! I love swimming, but the water does horrors to my skin. XP Btw, daring nails! I've been having a nailpolish phase...been trying out sparkly gold lately. Haha!


  15. I can't swim either! Nearly drowned in a lake. lol your nails look cute tho : ) Thanks for dropping by to say HI : D


  16. I have no idea how to swim. I'm 23 years old. I have been in 4 years' worth of swim classes. I still sink. I suck.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. aww its okay you can always learn to swim! my mom learned in college, so! :D
    why would you want winter?and the cold! im so jealous of your never ending summer!
    XOXO Kasia

  18. I duns know how to swim either! :( I think I would be pretty content with the hot weather you're experiencing! I'm quite envious! =P I did not know there were cream cheese-filled crepes at Trader Joe's! Are they in the frozen aisle??!! I might have to go check tomorrow...Muahahaha.

  19. I love the yellow nails against the red skirt my dear - such a great combination and looks awesome on you. I am with everyone else - I can't swim either. It's OK - we can just look pretty and pose by the pool ;)

  20. i love that nail polish color, so bright and fresh :)
    i just found your blog, and im really glad i did it, it's adorable. your photos are super cute :9
    i'm foloowing you sweetie, i would be glad if you followed me back..

  21. "Never ending summer" :-)
    I love yor nail polish!!!


  22. The nail polish is pretty.
    Following you back : )


  23. Never learned how to swim either! :) It never struck me as that important. I'd much prefer just sitting beside any body of water rather than being in it. lol That's a cute nail polish. xx


  24. you nail color is too cute! so summery and adds a nice pop of color!

  25. your nails! they're so refreshing to look at. and i think they complemented your very pretty skirt :)

  26. You paint really nicely, I suck at painting nails and usually my nails end up looking ugly so I just give up and wipe it off:/ But your nails are so pretty and colorful!

  27. love your yellow nails :)
    great blog! would you like to follow each other?
    have a nice day :)
    kisses, melina

  28. Really? haha We are on the same boat then :)
    love the yellow nails btw !


  29. Cuquete - It's still 80 F here, so definitely.

    Kumiko Mae - Thank you! They're my school colors too.

    Ka$h! - I don't even know if I find it worthwhile to learn how to swim.

  30. That is one super cute dog, and the way he tries to dry off is hilarious! I'm loving yellow polish on you.. I keep buying yellows because they look so bright and cheerful on the displays but every single one I own looks terrible on me. You definitely rock it though! Looks great with your outfit.

    P/S, Arnold Palmers... yummm.


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