Thursday, December 8


Yeah. Read that title carefully. 

When I first tried this dress on, I thought it was ill fitting. The chest was too tight and it was too low. But I still loved it too much. Excuse the following picture, the color representation isn't great but it was the only straight shot full body I had. 

That's better. The skirt started with a small crocheted top, a nude panel, a light blue panel and a dark blue panel. It was a bit short for my liking but not unwearable. Someone commented that I wear a lot of wedges... which was really true this past season. Wedge love.

 Dress: (Thrifted)
Wedges: Aldo (49.50, on sale from 70.00)

I also did a strange, side-swept pony tail braid for this dress. Just experimenting for fun. 

I wore this dress on a night out when I had dinner at Tempe Marketplace. An outdoor mall near my college campus. The place was called Kabuki. I don't usually like expensive sushi places, but I thought that this place was worth the higher than average prices. The food is really so good.

Their happy hour menus is pretty fair and I loved their sushi so much that I signed up for their reward program. There's really something to be said about quality and originality in sushi. I love salmon, but I'm constantly looking for new ways to experience it.

PS. Finals week! Wish me luck.


  1. wow! u looking great btw! :P good luck! hehe:P has a great days:)

  2. i love your hair, i can never braud my hair myself if my life depended on it, and i havea love for wedges too. it's the only type of shoes that don't hurt my feet.

    omg i crave sushi now!

  3. ahhh i love kabuki! The shrimp tempura is soo delicious! you're dress and your hair are adorable:)


  4. Thanks for your comment,well there was lots of different trends in the eighties I suppose,so I focused on the punk trend,like Vivienne Westwood in the picture.
    Great colour blocking,hope your having a wonderful day x

  5. I love the dress! It's a more 'neutral' way to do colour blocking. (if that even makes sense!).

    Good luck in your finals! :) ~ XO

  6. Beautiful dress, I'm glad that now you loved it because is great.
    Cute hairstyle too.

    See you :)

  7. Hey !
    That's a lovely dress, I don't think it's ill fitting at all !
    Like your braid too :)


  8. GOOD LUCK! ♥

    Love the outfit; anything with crochet is a-ok in my book. I think something so simple adds so much detail and interest ;)

    ..and might I add - Wedges FTW! I love heels but wedges are so much more comfortable/easier to get around in. I probably have way too many pairs.

  9. Nice dress!

  10. The dress isn't exactly what I would wear, but you look great in it, girl! :) I adore the hair style, though! I simply just love braids! :D

    And sushi! OMG! Haven't had those in a while. I think it might be the perfect time to change that...

    Good luck on your finals! :)

  11. Good job with the blocks. Blue works well with nudes.

    Yum! Is that sushi I see?

  12. I like how you put together your ideas in this blog.

  13. The dress is very pretty and the sushi look so good! I must go out and have sushi soon!


  14. Aki, you look adorable girl! That dress looks great on you. Love the colored layers. And YUMMMM!!! The food looks scrumptious! :D You did a superb job with your hair!

  15. I like your form of color blocking. It works for you, and it looks super cute. The colors aren't overwhelming, either, which I think can be a potential problem with the color blocking trend. People take it too far. You look gorgeous.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. lovely ruffles and colorblocking...oh AND yummy

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  17. love the braid in your hair! the sushi looks so yum! xx

  18. the dress looks cute on u! some pieces just take some time to grow on u. it always happens to me.

    the sushi looks so yummy. i loooove hh deals lol.

    gl on your finals!!

  19. Good luck with your finals. The food looks yummy, your dress is lovely (I am a fan of the colourblocking) and your hair looks really nice like that :)!


  20. That dress is adorable and looks great on you and I really like the crochet top part.

    And girl, wedges are love. I adore wedges over any type of high heel no matter what season.

  21. I love wedges. I could wear them all day! They're just super comfy and add the right amount of height I need. I love that top! and how the color blocking is already done for you. and Your hair is just super cute styled like that!

    Happy Weekend!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  22. I love the sideswept braid! Not strange at all. :) Best of luck with finals, sweetie!

  23. Yummmm, sushi! And your braid looks great! I'd like to try this style.

  24. My mom's full Japanese, so I got to eat a lot of good sushi and travel around Japan. Nothing like where I live, in Texas. The dress looks good on you, the side-swept ponytail braid and the bag completes the look.
    Good luck on finals!


  25. As much as I love your dress, that sushi stole the show. It looks delicious!! Love the braid too. Very pretty :)

  26. hi aki! love your colorblocking dress as well as your braid = very cute!!
    xo ~ kristina

  27. Your dress is adorable. And I just love your braid! :)

  28. Your dress is so pretty! I love wedges too, and yours look great :)

  29. thanks for the comment! I think I'd rather have papers than finals lol, less of a surprise and more time I guess. And it's brie, so gewd! Good look on finals as well!


  30. You look lovely, this dress is adorable and I also like your hairdo!
    About your question on my blog, my haircut is pretty easy to style...I just have to pay attention in blow drying my bangs, because I tend to have wavy hair and a wavy fringe is a no-no. But I noticed you have pretty straight hair so you won't have this problem!

  31. mm those sushi look super yummy! love your dress! the detail crochet part is so cute!

  32. Love love love the wedges!! I'm craving for a cute pair of wedges for the summer now (I'm in Australia. =D)

    ♡ M.May

  33. You look great! Love your outfit

    follow me :)


  34. mizzsandychau - I can only do two types of braids, so trust me, I'm not that far ahead.

    Gabriele - I totally get what you mean. It's more toned down than doing so many bright colors.

    Allie - I've had sushi in Japan once or twice but much more in the States. It makes me think my sense of good sushi is twisted.


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