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11 Questions Tag!

The lovely Debi from flysongbird recently tagged me to answer some questions about myself. 
It's an 11 tag. This picture makes sense if you watch Doctor Who.
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10 Facts (and one lie, try to guess!)
1. I like to eat meat.
2. I still keep in touch with friends from middle school.
3. I'm an accounting and psychology major.
4. I love chocolate!
5. I have only done a chocolate fondue once in my life and I'm waiting for that special occasion to do it again.
6. Playing Skyrim makes me sick because I can't control the characters very well while they're moving.
7. I have never been to South America.
8. I have been absolutely addicted to boba, especially the green tea kind.
9. I can't stand melons. Watermelons, cantaloupes, honeydew. Grossssss.
10. I love to hike!
11. Sometimes I wear glasses, sometimes I wear contacts.

My Answers:
Do you have any phobias?
Oh my god, yes. I have Ornithophobia, which is a fear of birds. I can't go near them. I hate looking at pictures of them. I HATE it when they fly near you and if there's a bird crossing my path, I'll go out of my way to avoid it.

Who is your favourite movie villain?
When I think about this, Ursula comes to mind right away. I love her song, Poor Unfortunate Souls and I think she has such a lovely curvy body. In fact, I used to wriggle like her when I was little.

Favourite book?
The Sherlock Holmes Series by Arthur Conan Doyle. Duh. And hands down.

A memorable vacation?
The summer before my senior year of high school, my family and I went to Japan. That was more or less in the height of my Japanese obsession so I thought it was the best thing ever.

Why did you start blogging?
I was reading a lot of blogs and I wanted to share my hauls and reviews too. At that time, I had a livejournal but that LJ had so many private thoughts from when I was a kiddo that I didn't feel like publicizing it to the world. I started this blog because I wanted to improve so many aspects about myself. While that's still a goal, I find myself documenting my life here.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I wish I knew. I really really really wish I knew. But I'm at a time when there's so much up in the air. Thinking about where I'm going to be makes me anxious; sometimes I'm excited for what the future has to bring, other times I want to crawl into a hole.

Do you have any weird habits?
I had no idea I did this, but apparently, I smell my boyfriend as a greeting. He says "Hello" and I lean in to smell his shoulder. I'm a creep, what can I do?

Favourite TV shows that are currently on air.
Okay, Community. Bones. Castle. Grimm. Big Bang Theory. PLEASE tell me if you're also a fan of these shows because I love talking to people about this stuff.

Favourite designer.
For the longest time, I didn't have one, but I'd have to say Jason Wu.

What do you think about reality TV?
Not a fan, for the most part. I don't think that I'm too highbrow for it (because I do indulge in the occasional Chinese dating show) but for the most part, it's just not interesting. I am generally not good with following plots of a person's life and I'm quite nerdy. So unless they make a show about nerds, I will probably not be interested.

What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
I honestly don't do a lot of adventurous things at all! I'm a pretty boring person, but I guess lately, I've always been up for travelling. I went to Europe in 2010 with people I didn't know. I dunno, we stayed in hotels and all the travel was supervised though. If I do anything adventurous, I'll get back to you!

11 Questions for you to answer:
1. Do you like to read? What do you find yourself reaching for?
2. How many hours a day do you find yourself doing blog related activities?
3. Bows or ribbons?
4. How often do you do your nails?
5. Do you have a way you do your hair/face everyday or does it change on a day to day basis?
6. Do you have any siblings? Do they blog?
7. Is your health a huge concern to you?
8. Which popular thing does everyone else love... but you just don't care for?
9. What if someone came and told you your blog name was taken and copyrighted by someone who came before you? Would you fight it or change it? What would you change it to?
10. How do you feel about hair extensions and fake lashes?
11. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? 

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  1. this is awesome..loved your answers..and i agree with some of them maybe because i am 21 and going through the same thoughts in my mind as well.
    i watch all those shows except for bones.and my blog header must have really bothered you for so long..lol!

    1. Nah. They didn't have any of those features that I really dislike.

  2. Cool, I love tags like this ;] I already finished mine up (in draft).. so now I'm just thinking of some new questions to ask. Thanks for tagging me! ;)

  3. I have never done a chocolate fondue, I need to rectify this soon!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  4. Love reading these! So cool that you've been to Japan! I hope to go there someday...thank you for the tag!!

  5. I can't stand melons, either!!!!!

  6. Thanks for tagging me! As for your lie I guess....that you HAVE been to South America!

    ♥ Shia

  7. Afraid of birds? No wayyyyy birds are so CUTE lol but I guess each to their own! I'd like to visit Japan one day tooooo!

    1. I think the way that birds move is freaky!

  8. Pretty sure I know which one the lie is, haha!!

  9. Hmm...I think you have never been to South America!!

    Ohh, you tagged me?? Can't wait to answer your questions!! :)

  10. Community and Big Bang are both great shows. I also like Parks & Rec and 30 Rock. Thursday night is apparently my tv night. =) The only reality shows I watch are Top Chef and a few other cooking shows.

    1. I actually don't watch the latter two. But they are popular among my friends.

  11. Psych major just like me! And then I went on to become an interior designer...go figure ;D

    I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS with 5 chances to WIN in honor of my blog’s 2year anniversary! Thanks for visiting and leaving your awesome comments...Would love for you to stop back in to check it out!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  12. ah, thanks for tagging me!

    - i've been reading Help. but i still find myself reaching for darker books like "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest."
    - I spend a lot of time blogging, maybe a few hours a day?
    - Bows
    - i do my nails every few days! it's a lot but i love it. they're my accessory!
    - just depends what i'm doing and how much time i have
    - one sister who doesn't blog
    - yes, my health is important. i wanna live to see my grandkids! maybe even great grandkids.
    - twitter
    - i wouldn't know what to do about my blog name. i'm so used to it i wouldn't wanna change it. but i guess i could call it "Fashionable Adventures in Motherhood" or something having to do with fashion and being a mommy.
    - i love fake eyelashes
    - that used to be my favorite game in the whole wide world!!! i loved to play it when i was in elementary school!!!


  13. Fear of birds seems like an odd one, they are such lovely creatures.

  14. Really glad to get to know you better with all these answers! I love Castle and Bones too!
    But I do like melons! hehe!

  15. I answered your questions today :)

  16. the melon part is something of a lie, I guess.=) I remember you having a post about this melon ice drop or something.=)

  17. Such a lovely post: a funny way to let us know something about you!
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    Win a $60 gift card to spend on The Quiet Riot

  18. I love learning stuff like this from bloggers I read! I'm guessing the melon thing is a lie?

  19. hehe, so fun to get to know this! oh and i agree with the other bloggers, i think the one about melons is a lie..if not, then maybe the meat one?



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