Saturday, May 5

Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Home!

This post represents the last leg of my Disney/Universal Studios Adventure from December. For the other parts, see me at: Animal Kingdom, Marvel, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and on a Walkthrough of Universal Studios.

I really got tired of taking pictures towards the later part of the trip. After Animal Kingdom, I went to Epcot for the afternoon, then again in the morning. I never 'got' Epcot when I was little, but my little brother was very into it and since I'm over 9000 times more interested in science fiction now, it was very interesting to me as well. There was a fair of the worlds at Epcot and I got a crepe. Wasn't bad!

I remember doing a racetrack ride and another Finding Nemo ride in Epcot but that's pretty much it. We went to Magic Kingdom after that and discovered the job of interactive rides. This is a new one that I saw advertised a while before and basically, you get to experience a very mild rollercoaster and shoot at things! IT WAS AWESOME.

Then at night, I got the munchies and purchased a Disney Smore. What makes it Disney? The price.

Fastforward another day and we found ourselves at Hollywood Studios. I don't think we spent enough time here. For the record, we had 4 days at Disney but left ourselves only half a day for this park. My parents are parade crazy. I have no idea why. I think parades are the best time to ride things but they have to stop and take pictures. Though my brother and I managed to get out of watching a few, we were stuck watching the one at Hollywood Studios. But hey, we caught Pixar characters. See if you can spot your favorites.

Also at Hollywood Studios? A Cars and Explosion behind-the-scenes movie making show. I watched this one last time and enjoyed it, so even if I didn't want to see it again, I couldn't say no to my brother. But guess who was added to the show? A Pixar Cars car. (Picture is blurry because we sat SO far away.)

There were SO many awesome shows at Hollywood Studios. We also went to watch an Indiana Jones behind the scenes show that was awesome. And the Indiana Jones stunt double was pretty dreamy. ...Okay, fine, you can't see him very well, but not bad?

We were basically watching them interact on a set. Pretty neat!

Unfortunately, the movie they were acting out was Raiders of the Lost Ark--which I had not seen at the time. I came home and watched the movie but I wish I got to see the stuntshow afterwards.

The family and I had dinner at this outdoor 50s-esque diner. The food wasn't priced too badly but it's nothing to write about. It's strange coming to Disneyland understanding a sense of money. Last time, everything was incredibly expensive to me.

THEN WE WENT ON STAR TOURS. We saw droids. And had a ton of fun being guided by C3PO. 

Lastly, we went back to Magic Kingdom and had a late night Aloha Isle Dole Whip. 

It's called a pineapple float. Pineapple Dole Whip with pineapple juice. I saw it on a blog before my trip and it was a hit with the family. 

Then, at last, after a tiring week, we were back! And compared to Florida, Arizona was freezing. 


  1. Love all the pics! The last one looks cooool! :D

  2. awww what a fun looking time! I want to go down there now too!


  3. I always get super jealous of these posts!!! Everything looks so delicious and super fun!!! :)

  4. ahhh so jealous! i want to go so badly, so many of my friends went this year. i hope i get to go soon!

    1. I hate it when all of your friends go and come back with pictures. Haha.

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  6. the last photo is so gorgeous! it seems that you've had a great trip!

    Follow me and I'll follow you back soon

  7. That 'pineapple whip juice'
    looks delicious!

    I want to visit this
    Universal Studio some day,
    looks so much fun!

    I'll be posting my time
    in Disneyland Hong Kong
    soon c:


    1. It was super good. I've always wanted to go to an Asian Disney. Every time I look at pictures, it looks super different.

  8. Gosh how amazing - I think its everybodys dream to one day go to Disney anything! Well I do anyway so I loved going through all your pics. The food looks delicious but it doesnt surprise me its so expensive, places like that always inflate prices just for the brand.

    Anna xo

  9. you did so many amazing things!honestly i have to go there someday...

  10. ohhh man so jealous right now! I've had a particular longing for Disneyland lately... I want to go so badly! Looks like you had some serious good times! have fun in China hun!

    The House of Shoes

  11. looks like you had a ton of fun! :)


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