Thursday, June 21

Finals Fast Food

This picture of me comes to you from last year during finals time. This is what I look like in the middle of a food break while studying. Bleary eyed. Tired.

But the point of this post isn't to talk about how I look. It's to talk about SmashBurger, a local burger joint.

This joint is one of my friend's favorites. And with its location right next to the Arizona State Tempe Campus, it's popular for sure! It's very much a fast food place, more comparable to Five Guys and In N Out than Zinburger. We got some nacho fries to start off.

Unfortunately, very average. So bland that I might even call it bad. Definitely will not be ordering again. And I got a pretty standard burger.

It's not bad... but it's not great either. This burger wasn't ten bucks, but it was definitely on the higher end. The meat was good and the bread ... just was. I'd definitely make the drive to Zinburger and shell out the extra money if I'm in the mood for a nice burger. If not, I can probably just hack it at In N Out down the street for a fraction of the price.

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  1. i really hate how i look during study breaks..wait i don't..i don't even walk past the mirror then..i love burgers & i don't indulge in them often..i get very mad when the burger is bad!

    1. I have about two weeks when every day is ... "I guess I'll put on jeans and a tshirt again." And I don't even really wear jeans.

  2. Sorry your food wasn't so good! I would for sure make the drive for the better one it's worth the treat :)

  3. Perhaps I'm weird, but I really like getting grilled cheese at Five Guys. I only go maybe twice a year, typically I forget they even exist.

  4. I actually love Smashburger for the fried pickles! Super salty and right up my alley. Salads are pretty decent too - large portion with lots of "stuff" for a good price :)

  5. Mmm...the nacho fries look yummy!

  6. wow, Burger. nice post and beautiful pics.
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  7. Yum yum! Makes me hungry :D
    I like your glasses - you're cute with them ^^

  8. Darn it! And the fries look good! Places like that can be hit or miss. You have high hopes, but they don't always deliver. At least you tried them. :)

  9. wow that looks so good... good job I'm about to have dinner :P Hope your finals went well!


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