Thursday, July 12

Just a pink polish!

We see so many beautiful polish colors--the most interesting blues and browns! Then we have our matte top coats and our crackles and so many interesting things but this is a plain pink polish. Love it or leave it, this is one trend that's always classic.

This is Uptown, by NYC. It's a quick dry polish and I highly recommend the line because of its forumla. 

I did a "splatter" manicure with this polish. For better pictures, please visit deez nails! She's my inspiration here! A splatter manicure basically involves a white base and a splatter of other colors! Think of your nails as a canvas! The best part about this that there's really no neatness required.


  1. Uptown is a great Colour ,love it!


  2. Aki, that pink looks great on you! I love the shade. That's my first time seeing a splatter nail color. How awesome! Hope all is well girl.

  3. Great pink shade and I love the nail art!

    ♥ Shia

  4. Your nails look so cool! I never really do anything particularly creatie with my nails but I like reading posts when people have, it gives me inspiration! :) xx

    1. I've been becoming more like you! I think I'll always enjoy looking at nail art though!

  5. What a pretty color and great technique with the splatter :)

  6. Such a gorgeous pink! omg the splatter mani is awesome! I need to try that haha

  7. thats a great shade! i'm looking for the bright pink (as in barbie pink as well) =)

  8. Hey there! Followed you over here from Kim's A Very Sweet Blog from our Margarita Bloom review! Just wanted to say Hiya! and thanks for the sweet words about our potions! So lovely to meet you! Feel free to stop by our blog to say hello anytime! You're always welcome!

    One of my fav nail polishes is Sally Hanson quick dry, I think it's called! The formula is air bubbles and goes on smooth and dries fast.

    Kisses, Regina
    Retro Vintage Beauty & Skincare

  9. Your spatter manicure looks awesome. I want to do that to my nails now!


  10. it's actually a very nice colour..


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