Saturday, September 1

Phoenix Comicon Recap

I never do anything spur of the moment, but in late May, I went to Phoenix Comicon. It was my first ever convention but I was hooked! I have a ton of pictures so feel free to scroll through for the general feel or look at each one in detail if you're a nerd!
First, I spotted these knights fighting. They had an elaborate system of Dukes and Kings and Ladies. They dressed up, fought, and lived in the whole medieval system. 

While walking randomly, I spotted the Doctor and Rose!

There were so many amazing things in the booths! One of them was these handbound, leather TARDIS notebooks. 

In addition to comics, art, science fiction, and anime, I was really surprised to see bath products! I actually purchased some stuff from this booth, so you'll have to wait and see what these were all about!

That's me, by a TARDIS. No big. 

Yep. And a Dalek and K-9. Try not to be jealous. 

Then, while walking around, I saw all of these stars breathing the same air that we were! I was too afraid to go up and meet them, so I took pictures of them from far away. 

Here's a shot of the convention floor where all the vendor booths are. Such a large room and so many people, right?

This is the downstairs area of the convention center that leads to the vendor room I showed in the picture above. I don't even think this picture was taken at the busiest time!

Hey! And Avengers fans? The fans of Loki (myself included) took to calling themselves Loki's Army. On a map, I found this gem taped as an informal meeting for all the fans. 

Of course, there were people selling lightsabers. These were definitely pricey (starting at 50 bucks) but they said that these were made for fighting. I would love to whack someone with a lightsaber. 

I also took some pictures by a few repair droids. And a child who refused to leave. 

More creeper pictures. Here's Levar Burton. Did you know his show Reading Rainbow is on the ipad? 

A bikini that I contemplated purchasing but then I came to my senses and realized how incredibly skimpy it is and how the art isn't... super well done. 

I also saw these signs made out of legos. I think that caption beneath each of them is pretty accurate. 

During lunch, my friend and I walked over a few blogs to CityScape, an urban shopping center, if you will. We found that it was roped off and there was some kind of Jamaican party going on.

There were food trucks and gigantic grills. It was pretty hot outside and the grills definitely didn't help but thank goodness we had water with us!

There was also live music. It was very loud but incredibly infectious and got everyone in a dancing mood. 

I got a huge meal that I couldn't finish. It was a Mango Burrito. Yummy, but nothing too special. 

My friend snapped a few more pictures while I slowly stuffed my face. I'm always the slowest eater. 

After throwing away a lunch I couldn't finish, my friend went to purchase a cookie. Because that's totally necessary. 

It was a sugar cookie with some jam on it. I took a picture by the stand, because again, necessary. 

We only walked around for a bit after lunch. We spent most of the afternoon sitting in panels and listening to cool people talk about cool things. 


  1. I have never been anywhere like this, but I think it looks like so much fun!

    P.S. The New York & Company pants that you asked about are The Seventh Avenue Slim Ankle Pant -- perfect for shorties like me. Here's the link: (Not sure how many they have left, but they do a lot with The Seventh Avenue style.)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. What fun, darling!
    Love that bikini!


  3. I didn't know Phoenix had a comic con

  4. Aw how fun! I want to go to one some day!
    I think you're outfit is super cute!

  5. Nice blog!!

  6. Nice pics.^^
    Would you like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
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  7. Okay, I'm totally jealous and GEEKIN' OUT about the Doctor Who stuff. Nobody here understands my obsession :)

  8. wow comicon looks like so much fun! (by the way, i'm a Loki fan too. That sign is pretty awesome)

  9. i so want to attend a comic con!!love your outfit by the way!

  10. We just had ours.huge and insanely fun

  11. this convention looked fun! My sister is a huge Dr. Who fan (speaking of which they have just started another series!)

    1. I just got caught up with the series! Exciting! I think I love the new companion.

  12. OH EM GEEEEEEE! I love conventions. I haven't been to one this year since I've been so busy, but I love going to them and seeing all the geeky wares! I haven't seen those leatherbound Tardis notebooks. They look amazing.

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

    1. I die over geeky wares. No surprise.

  13. i can only imagine there were tons of interesting things to check out! sounds like you had a great time!


  14. I tried (and failed) to not be jealous, but you have pics with the TARDIS, a Dalek, and K-9. I just can't help myself, I'm totally jealous! I'm really going to have to try to go to next years so I don't miss out on the fun.

  15. I think I might be in love with the sandals you wore to the convention. Have you blogged about those before?


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