Tuesday, September 11

Softsoap Body Butter Scrub

Time for a review on bath products!

My mother gave these to me one month. And then the next month, she gives me two more bottles of the same exact stuff. Though I love the product, I'm a bit afraid that she has a Softsoap Body Butter Scrub generator and I'm going to be using these for the rest of my life. 

This product isn't exactly expensive. A bottle of this is less than five bucks and lasts for quite a bit, no matter how generously you use it. It moisturizes okay... I like it because I don't usually put on moisturizer after I shower and this product covers me pretty well. However, I don't see this holding up against dry winter winds at all. Since this is both a body butter and a scrub (and the scents are very summer based), I imagine this is a summer bath item. 

I think it works well for the summer! The scrub does a good job when I need to freshen up my skin a bit. I think there are too few scrubby beads in the body wash, but others may like that because it ends up being very gentle. I think this is a solid product, but I wish I didn't have quite so many bottles of it! 


  1. they must be good for me, I love apricot products for body!!:) kisses!

  2. great review, for me I like to use anything that smells nice and sweet! :)

  3. lol about that!i like lots of srubbing beads..don't know why exactly...and i need light moisturizers as i have very oily skin..

  4. Hi doll, how are you doing, thanks for your suer kind comment :) I love any kind of scrub especially when its fruity scented, this one sounds great!

  5. Hey, this looks awesome, I think you should check out my blog, I think we have a similar style ;)

  6. I love that you review everyday, inexpensive products. These are my kinds of items. :)

  7. Hey hun does this thing lather? I'm picturing St. Ives face scrub ... It must lather ...

  8. I'm using Dove's and I'm not exactly loving it so I'll def. have to try this.

  9. My roommate uses the coconut one. I love the smell of it. :)


  10. i hate it when the scrubby beads disappear right away. :/ but i still definitely like this product. it does the job well. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  11. Fab review, darling!
    Must try it!


  12. I need to try this. I have always loved SoftSoap products. They feel great on the skin.

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  13. Does it leave a lingering smell after you come out of the shower?

    1. Compared with most products I use, the smell on this one is not strong at all. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I smell very much like coconut after showering with this.

  14. Thanks,for your comment.
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  15. lol it's never ending! I'm glad it's a good product though :D

  16. great recomendation!!!
    your blog is amazing!!! love it so much!


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