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Fall Television 2012 - What are you watching?

Though this is titled Fall Television, it's a combination of new and old shows I'm watching! Just wanted to recommend a few to you... and please tell me if you watch any of these! Please beware of general spoilers of the shows, especially if you have not caught up with the latest season. 
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New Shows: These are shows that came out in 2012 and I'm either hooked... or have been meaning to watch them. 

Arrow - I've only seen one episode of this. The trailers make it look pretty awesome and the first episode was interesting, but nothing is making me really, really want to watch this. If I hear good things about actor John Barrrowman's appearance... I might go back to watching it. 

Elementary - I'm a Sherlock Holmes fan, of course I had to check this show out. My first reaction upon hearing about CBS's Elementary was, like so many other fans, anger. How dare an American channel remake a modern day Sherlock so soon after the success of the British Sherlock? Then upon hearing that Watson would be played by an Asian woman, my anger subsided and turned to interest. Admittedly, the show isn't great. It's not as witty (or even comparable) to the BBC version. But it's not too bad. 

The Mindy Project - I haven't seen this yet! I've seen trailers and it looks like such a cute, smart and relatable show. However, it's quite different than the programs I usually watch and I just haven't looked this up. Should I?

Old Shows: You've heard me talk about these shows again and again! You need to watch them.

Bones - When we left off last season, Bones had gone on the run as a fugitive. This season, she comes back and the drama continues. I've been watching this show for many seasons now. The interesting and quirky characters as well as the engaging plot lines keep me coming back.

Grimm - This is a show that I've also mentioned several times on my blog, despite the fact that it's only in the second season. I can't claim to be unique here. I also like this because of the characters and episodic plots. I'm really attached to the characters too. I love Monroe (and his style) as well as his new girlfriend, Rosalie. At first, I didn't like Juliette, the main character's girlfriend, but the writers hit a reset button on her and now I don't mind her. Likewise, in season 1, I didn't care for Hank, the sidekick. Now that he's in on the secrets, I actually quite admire his bravery. 

Castle - This is one of my favorite shows because it contains the two elements I like best in television, adventure and humor. Now that the main couple is together, there's a lack of sexual tension but that just makes the relationship between Castle and Beckett more hilarious. 

Big Bang Theory - Though I still like this show and enjoy it every time I see it, Big Bang Theory is sliding further and further down my list of "Must Watch" shows. It's still funny, but there's nothing "at stake" here anymore. This is a show that's just comedy, which I don't think I enjoy as much as the comedy/action mix. 

Doctor Who - This is a show that was playing earlier this Fall and returns at Christmas time. It's a British show with craaaazy fans, if you're not already aware. I really want to say that I love this show, but that love is quickly dying. I was so happy to get rid of Amy in the last season... Though I'm getting sick of Moffat's tricks, I have to admit that I am so excited for the new companion. 

Community - I'm going to be honest. This show is mostly canceled. It was supposed to start in a Friday slot on October 19. Then it was delayed to a February start date. Then one of the principle characters (Chevy Chase) left. Though I love this show, it seems seriously doomed.

Which show should I dedicate my time to this winter break? I really suggest you watch Castle, it's my favorite on the list right now.  


  1. I love Castle and the Big Bang Theory.

  2. ooo yahh we watch so many of the same shows! The Mindy Project is ok btw - I don't think I will keep watching it though. I started watching it because I really like The Office (lots of TO cameos!) but Mindy is just a hair more neurotic than I can stand...it was hilarious the first few episodes, now it's getting old. Also, I'm not sure how much longer the show can survive on the single premise of "Mindy wants a boyfriend" >_>

    Bones - yahh!! I only started watching this last season but I've been watching weekly ever since. I adore crime procedural+nerdy people shows so this strikes me in that sweet spot xD

    Grimm is ok, I mostly watch it because I like Monroe. His romance with Rosalie is cute too but where has she been for the last couple of episodes :(?! I was always ok with Juliette, but I really like her confusion over her feelings over the captain :) She was always so vanilla before but now she's got a little fireeee~ I totally agree about Hank too! I thought he was a little blase, but he's really handling all the new information very well! I like how the actor is portraying him in a very realistic way with a strong undercurrent of loyalty to his partner :)

    Castle - ah well, they were bound to get together someday. I ADORE Nathan Fillion from his Firefly days (whywhywhy was it cancelled?!) and I will never stop watching as long as there are Firefly references :)

    I think overall Castle and Bones are my fav shows :) though Modern Family, New Girl, and 666 Park Ave are close behind :D

    Jeez...I watch a lot of TV :\

    1. I totally get your feeling about the Mindy Show. I think that's why I still haven't started watching it.

      We have really similar feelings about Grimm... haha. Can't wait for it to come back.

  3. I like the Mindy Project, but it isn't as awesome as I want it to be.

    I think the best new show this season is Revolution. I am seriously hooked.

    My three favorite shows right now on tv are Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, and Homeland. My favorite comedies are probably Modern Family, New Girl, and Happy Endings.

    Also, I still need to check out Dr. Who.

    Do you ever check out the website the Renew Cancel index? I find it helpful to know which shows are dying so I don't get too invested.

    1. I haven't heard of that index, actually. Thank you for introducing me to it.

      From your separation of shows... I noticed that I don't watch a ton of dramas.

  4. Thanks for the tips, at the moment I'm not watching nothing particular excpet the Gilmore Girls but the old episodes:) Kisses! xo

  5. i'm rewatching buffy the vampire slayer again=)

  6. So many shows! I've been watching Big Bang Theory...we actually started from the beginning recently :)

  7. You and I can probably watch a good amount of television together - I too am a big fan of Dr. Who and Big Bang Theory. I actually stopped watching Grimm because Juliette was annoying the heck out of me. Now I'll have to pick it up again as she's not as obnoxious

  8. Aww, thank you so much!
    I would appreciate it if you hang around on my blog in the future (maybe as a follower?)!
    xx, Coco.


  9. I love Bones and Castle c:
    I also love watching Supernatural,
    Fringe, How I met your mother and
    many more!


  10. I tried watching Elementary cause I'm also a Sherlock Holmes fan but it's really nowhere as good as the BBC production which I was so bummed to hear was delayed. I do see signs for them filming in my neighborhood from time to time. I like Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who as well. I also watch The Walking Dead and Gossip Girl (yeah I know it's trashy but it's my guilty pleasure :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. It's really not as good as the BBC one. At all. I'll take what I can get though.

  11. I never heard these movies! I should better watch them all! Thank you!



  12. the mindy project is my new favorite tv show, it is hilarious! i love mindy! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  13. I'm still a big fan of the Big Ban Theory, maybe because I'm more into comedies so, I don't think I'll be giving it up soon. I have heard a lot of mix reviews about Elementary, which I might just give it a try sometimes, although I heard the British version was excellent... Unfortunately I don't really have much time to watch TV, but hopefully with a couple of weeks of vacation coming my way, I hope I can be catching up with some of the series you mentioned here (I really want to see Grimm!)Thanks for sharing these reviews!


  14. i haven't really seen any of these new ones..i got bored of grimm in the first season.i stopped watching bbt this season because seriously nothing great seems to be coming up in it.even castle has gotten same old same old for me and i feel bad about feeling this way about castle.i agree about community though.

  15. Watch the Mindy Project! I love seeing a smart, humorous, and sassy Asian gal on TV! Too used to either the submissive or dragon lady type - finally a "real" girl.


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