Tuesday, December 11

Sunshine Award

Kat was so lovely as to tag me in the Sunshine Award!

The rules for the award are: 
Include the award logo in a post and/or on your blog sidebar. 
Link to the blogger who nominated you. 
Answer 10 questions about yourself.
Nominate 10 other fabulous bloggers and ask them 10 questions. 
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Here are some of my answers!
1. What are you looking forward to this weekend? 
Definitely the Hobbit coming out... as well as getting time to myself with school finally being done and all.

2. What is an unusual food that you enjoy eating that most people wouldn’t? 
This is purely a cultural thing, but I absolutely adore pig's blood in hotpot. I think most Americans would find that unpleasant. 

3. What fashion trends have you disliked? 
I generally dislike a lot of trends when they first come out. I disliked peplum at first, but now I'm over that. I don't like harlem pants though. Still haven't gotten around to liking that one.

4. What do you think is the next fashion trend that will occur? 
I think that's it's silver. I imagine the color and the texture will get pretty popular. (But let's be real, I'd be making a lot more money if I could see fashion trends.)

5. Favourite tv series at the moment? 
Probably Castle. You can see me talk more about my favorite TV shoes here. Definitely leave a comment or a tweet if you're also a fan. 

6. Favourite colored nail polish? 
Really hard one! At the moment, probably a vampy red or burgundy color. 

7. Last movie you watched? 
Skyfall, the new James Bond movie. I wasn't a Bond fan before, but I highly recommend it. 

8. Favourite app on your phone? 
I'll have to do a post sharing all of my favorite apps... but probably Mobile RSS. It lets me read your blogs when I'm on the go!

9. Favourite country to visit? 
China, because that's where all my family is. However, I would love to go to Russia and return to visit England. 

10.What is something that you would love to receive as a gift?
Depends on from who. I've already asked my parents to fund a pair of shoes. 

Here are the questions I have for you!
1. Winter whites: is this a style you would try?
2. Would you mix black and brown?
3. Big, bulky and flashy jewelry or delicate, subtle pieces?
4. What is your favorite holiday?
5. What is the most overrated holiday?
6. What's one beauty tip that just seems weird to you?
7. What's the winter weather like where you are? Would you want it to be different?
8. Do you collect anything weird?
9. Tell us about an interesting first impression.
10. Do you have any frenemies? 

I nominate: 

 Girlie Blog Seattle


  1. Congrats on your award! I also love burgundy color as nail polish at them moment:) Kisses!

  2. congratulations on your award aki! that's great! ok, pig's blood! love you to pieces but i'm moving on. please do a post on your favorite apps. i need some new ones! i agree with the silver trend. i'm already seeing glimpses of it on the blogosphere.

    1. I hoped you liked my review of all the apps!

  3. Congrats on the award! I am so curious about the pig's blood now!

  4. Aki, thank you for your comment on my blog :) it was very encouraging!
    Also, what does pig's blood taste like? or I guess how does it change the hotpot's taste? it sounds like a magical ingredient! haha


    1. I'm not sure how to describe its taste. Dense and rich, perhaps? I don't think it changes the taste of anything else though, so I can enjoy it by myself.

  5. Ooh I'm excited for The Hobbit...I couldn't get myself to ever read the book though lol

  6. haha I don't like harem pants either, it is just not flattering on anyone. And yay i'm going to watch Skyfall during winter break and I can't wait :D

  7. thank you!!you know i love harem pants.but then again we get to wear it as a part of our traditional salwar kameez.i used to live in my harem pants and t-shirts in the 1st 2 yrs of college.and i think silver(metallics) is already happening.so you are not wrong entirely.and congrats on getting the award :)

  8. Congrats on the award and I am also so pumped for the Hobbit as well. Thanks for tagging me!

  9. Congrats on your award. I can't wait to see the Hobbit!

    xo erica

  10. I'm dying to go see the new bond movie!! My husband loves anything Bond & we could use a date night:)

  11. Congrats on the award! I still have to watchskyfall!


  12. Great answers :) I love castle too!! I love bones as well :)


  13. Congrats on your award. I love Castle too. I´ll pass the pig´s blood. Do you mean real blood?



  14. Glad I'm not the only one who doesnt like the peplum trend... horrible.
    But THANK YOU for nominating me, I will do a post answering the questions very soon. xo

    1. Haha. Sometimes, when it seems like all the bloggers are getting on a trend, I try to remain open minded... but sometimes I just never come around to it.


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