Tuesday, February 19

Graze Subscription Box

So... Healthy eating. I've talked about this on my blog before. Specifically, I've talked about snacking. I love snacking. I often want a bag of chips or some chocolate ... and I just can't resist. How many times have I run out to grab a few bags of Hot Cheetos (they're on sale, you can't get just one!)? Too many for me to recount on the internet. 

But I was blog browsing when I found Graze. Graze is a website that features subscription boxes with snacks. There's a few reasons why it's awesome. 

1. It's healthy snacking. I mean, is that not awesome? It gives me snacks... they're bite sized and portioned out. They have nuts and seeds, which I don't love. They also have chocolate and dried fruit which I adore. 

2. It's a subscription box. I find these really interesting... but they're generally so pricey for what you get. I wouldn't pay 35 bucks per month for anything. Not even really awesome items. I'm horrified of having items around that I won't use. But food? Food, I'll eat. And this box isn't 30 dollars or 15, it's 5!

Currently, you can only sign up if you have a code (use ZTGD21L) and you get your first box free. 

I just got my box so I thought that I'd share a few pictures of it. 

Cookies and Creme - This was delicious. The white chocolate chips were decadent. The cookies were perfectly sweet and crunchy. The seeds were super unexpected, but somehow made a delicious snack. It took so long to eat that I felt like I was eating a lot but I probably ate less than a spoonful of seeds. The roasted hazel was strange in that it didn't taste like anything. Overall, I thought that this was a fantastic mix of stuff I would have never had. 

Apple Crumble - The combination of apples, raisins and cinnamon honey almonds were as amazing as they sound. Nothing really more to say... All the players worked wonderfully together.  

Lemon and Poppy Cake with an Afternoon Infusion - I would say that this one is my favorite but.. . I can't choose a favorite from this bunch. I will say that I'm an avid tea drinker and I really loved this tea. I ended up dipping a corner of my sweet, moist and flavorful lemon and poppy cake into my tea. All I wish is that I had more of both. 

Cracking Black Peppercorn - I saved this for last because I thought it was going to be my least favorite. Turns out, I was wrong. This was an amazing rice snack (I forgot how much I loved rice snacks). The peppercorn was a great flavor. Definitely one of those snacks I couldn't stop munching on.

All in all,  I really love it. If you want it, the code is ZTGD21L. While you get your first box for free, only the first four people can use this code... so first come first serve. If you have this too, I'd love to know what you got in your box.


  1. Really??!! Wow, that is awesome! Didnt know it exists also for food!^^ I just love to grab one too!! xo

  2. I can't get over the price. Amazing! I love to snack too and all 4 items sound scrumptious. Excellent review Aki!

  3. Great stuff! Sure does beat hot cheetos (I'm so guilty of snacking on one too many bags of those..!)

    1. Oh man, I've been good on Graze for a few weeks, just in time to come back and read about these chips!

  4. That's a great deal, didn't realize it was only $5! The apple crumble sounds delicious.

  5. graze, indeed. i need MEALZ instead, haha.

  6. Ok, there's one box I can subscribe to! :D

  7. great idea for snacks!



  8. I wish we had a similar service here in SA, this sounds like an excellent idea, healthy and very worth it for the price and it will save us from reaching for the crisps!

  9. This looks like a great box service! And the price is just right!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing and the code!!

    Signing up!!
    World According to Shia

  11. I'm usually not a subscriptions type of person because I always feel like there are months when I am disappointed and then I feel like I wasted my money. But this one is rather intriguing. Plus it's $5. That's like a cup of coffee. This one I just might have to look into. Thanks for the into!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. I totally know what you mean. There's been things I liked more and less in the box but for five bucks I haven't felt like anything's been wasted yet.

  12. Wow these actually sound so yummy, even though I don't like peppercorn either. But, I don't know if I can give up my hot cheetos...D=



  13. I love Graze boxes, this looks like a good one :) xo

  14. so cool! they all look so yummy and better snack alternatives too :)

  15. What a fun and yummy box of goodies!! Your blog is way cute :-) Xo

  16. How awesome! I saw this subscription on another blog too. It's so cool that it's healthy snacking!

  17. those snacks look delicious and i cannot believe they are $5!!!! what a steal.


  18. I can't believe this is only $5! I'm currently snacking on a can of Pringles and feel like I should probably check out Graze before I demolish all the chips. haha! This is a really interesting concept and I'm glad you reviewed it so thoroughly... definitely intrigued!!


  19. Wow it looks awesome! Great review.


  20. Wow only $5? This is such an interesting concept and looks quite yums! I'm not too fond of subscription boxes though

    jamie sarah


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