Tuesday, March 19

How to Deal with Google Reader Retirement

If you haven't heard already, yes, Google Reader is going away. Upon hearing that news, you probably have one of three reactions. 
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1. I don't use it. Whatever. 

Congrats. Move on with your life. Skip the rest of this post even. But it's going to be funny so you're kinda missing out. 

2. Ohhhh Emmmm Geeeee. AHHHH. 

There's freaking out from two camps. First:

a.  I know they're retiring it. Will you all shut up about it?

Most of us are trying to gather information to prepare for the switch. We may be a little bit frantic, but this too shall pass. Then, second: 

b. What do I do? I use Google Reader for everything! The world is ending!?!

Freaking out rarely helps. I'm sure there are situations where typing in all caps solves problems (though I can't think of any). This isn't one of those situations. This too, shall pass. 

3. Hm. That's inconvenient. Where do I go from here?

Ah, hello there. I think that you should start with these two articles. Both articles, one from Forbes and one from Lifehacker, both tell you what services you should replace the Google Reader with. I found myself deciding between feedly and bloglovin. At first, feedly seemed like my best option but I didn't like the layout. Then, I realized that bloglovin' was a real big contender. I mean, I used Google Reader mostly for reading blogs anyways.

I choose bloglovin' because I already use bloglovin'. I noticed that the number of my bloglovin' followers doubled in the 2-3 day span after Google came out with the news. Secondly, I had reservations that bloglovin' would not link me to other blogs that did not have bloglovin'. Not true. I can search for and follow whatever I want to on bloglovin. Lastly, I've also downloaded the bloglovin' app. Works great. 

Now, for a bit of clarification. A lot of people are saying that Google Friend Connect is also going to disappear. That isn't official. However, I do believe that it is likely... perhaps within a year or two? Given Google's past actions with GFC (stripping it from non-blogspot blogs), it doesn't seem like they are completely invested in the product. That's another reason I choose bloglovin'. Though bloglovin' does not offer the ability to see who is following you at the moment, I think that they have recognized the gap that GFC will leave and are working on it!  As some of my commentors have pointed out, they've already fixed it. Now I have no complaints. 

All in all, those are my four reasons for choosing bloglovin'. For you to deal with the Google Reader Retirement, use these classic 5 steps. 

1. Denial - Create petitions on Change.org. Email Google a million times. Believe that you can prevent it from happening. 
2. Anger - Type in all caps, send out angry tweets and exaggerated blog posts. (Don't let my calm demeanor fool you now, I freaked out too.)
3. Bargaining - Perhaps if you had stopped complaining to Google...  Or perhaps if you had truly appreciated Google Reader and brought it flowers? Or took it dancing? Now your Google Reader is dancing with another man. 
4. Depression - Without Google Reader, blogging is meaningless. Include sad emoticons such as :( and ;_;
5. Acceptance - Great, now choose a replacement/alternative.

What are you replacing Google Reader with? Why?


  1. I actually never used Google Reader ever.. so when I saw people posting about it all over the social media. I wasn't sure what the big deal was.. I only use Bloglovin and that's been my #1 choice. haha.. Great post! Btw- I read your comment regarding my roasted lamb and great job!! I am glad you tried a similar recipe of it. haha.. :)

    xo – Sheila
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    1. I think now, after using bloglovin for a few months, the one big thing that's missing is a search function.

  2. I'm asked all of my readers today on my blog to join me on Bloglovin'. It's the best option for me. I can respond to blogs quicker also. As a matter of fact Aki, I'm using Bloglovin right now to respond to your post.

  3. I don't use GR at all but people have been panicking all over Twitter, which made me curious. Even though I fairly invested in Blogger, I'm starting to wonder whether this is just a sign to switch completely to Wordpress and encourage strictly Bloglovin/RSS...:\ Ah, I dunno...what a pain...

  4. Haha funny ;) I was freaking out but not as much as last year when they talked about removing it for the first time. Of course it´s pretty annoying now that I finally come close to my 1000 GFC readers but I always prefered Bloglovin and I hope my readers will, too ;)

  5. I switched to Bloglovin and actually love it!!! Happy to make the switch!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  6. Thanks for reminding me. I am now switching over to Bloglovin.

  7. I moved to BlogLovin. Its so easy to import you whole GFC to bloglovin with the a couple clicks and the layout so sleek. oh and by the way you can now see who is following you! Just find your page and click on followers...here is yours for example..


    Cherry Lane xx

    1. Thanks so much. It was amazing how fast they changed everything up over there.

  8. I've always used bloglovin, so I wasn't very perturbed by the fact that google reader is disappearing.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!


  9. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Following you now on bloglovin and GFC, hope you can follow back =)



  10. I also finally put up a bloglovin button on my blog. I signed up with them since blogging last september but never thought to really use it... but i guess i'll be using it more!

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog! I tried switching to Feedly this week after the announcement of GR, and the interface looks great...when it works. But it seems to "hang" quite often. Maybe I will have to give Bloglovin another look. I'll find you there, too!


    1. I heard that feedly was having issues with the new audience. Is it any better now?

  12. Funny post! I've just recently started looking at bloglovin again.

    xo erica

  13. Haha awesome post, aki :D I don't use google reader, but I use the dashboard in google...I'm actually not sure if it's connected, but bloglovin' is what I'll use if I can't use it anymore...

  14. Cute post! I'm now sold on using bloglovin' too btw ;)

    x Gi

  15. Ah ah ah I really enjoyed reading this post! You are great!
    I am already using bloglovin!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  16. Thanks for this post hun, i was feeling so disappointed at this Google Reader disappearing act news, it really is an inconvenience. I will surely follow your advice.

  17. Ahah Aki, you made me smile! I was pretty disappointed too for it but I actually use only Bloglovin and have to say it is much more better and fast! Kisses and have a good day! xo

  18. LUCKY for me I wasn't a Google Reader type of girl. I really like Bloglovin' and I'm excited to use it more! Love this post!

  19. very very nice my dear!!

  20. Love this. I've been seeing a lot of "freaking out" posts and it's becoming a bit much. And there is so much confusion about GFC. I'm not sure what Google will do with it, but they definitely have not announced anything in regards to it yet. Also, you CAN see who your followers are on Bloglovin - go to your profile, there's a tab that says "Followers", where you can see who is following you. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  21. You won 2nd place in my Firmoo giveaway :D Yay. If you email me, at beckicharlotte13@gmail.com then I will email you your code :D
    Congratulations :D

  22. Lol. It's funny how everyone is trying to petition for reader not to leave, but it's going to happen anyway. I'm currently using Bloglovin, and I've really fallen in love with the interface! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  23. Hahahah love the five stages of google reader retiremnt. I don't really mind that it's going away since I use bloglovin more anyway :)

  24. Hahaha I really like your post >D Its' not forceful yet it offers a very creative solution and your blog is simple, just the way I like it and what do you know, you have a new follower on BlogLovin! HAHAHAA <3 Great one >D

    Hope to see you back on mine too >D


  25. Haha my first reaction was number 1. So it doesn't affect me really but I did read on :) Bloglovin is great - especially with smart phones and being able to catch up on blogs :)


  26. No idea. Quite sad that it's going away. I guess bloglovin could be one of my alternatives ...

  27. Great tips! Stay calm and get organized. :)


  28. Your writing style always makes me laugh!

    I've also moved over to Bloglovin' (: following yours there now

    jamie sarah

  29. Google reader really helped me with easy browsing, but to think that I need to find another replacement itches my head.

  30. I'm one of maybe three people who doesn't use googlereader who I didn't quite understand the freak out, I just read everything through the blogger dashboard. I'm lazy, I want everything in one spot when I open up blogger and I really don't like having to log into multiple sites. I'm pretty casual on bloglovin, I think I sign into it maybe once a month. I guess I'll have to move over eventually since it does sound like google friend connect will be going away next year or so. :P

  31. Hehe, I was in the "freak out, send out angry tweets and FB posts and posted a rant on my blog" person. I have accepted the fate of Google Reader and am using Feedly. Not a fan of Bloglovin but have my blog set up there anyways.


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