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Pooh Bear Take III

I've talked about Pooh so many times before on this blog. Most recently, I've made use of "pooh bear" as a pet name, I heard about him on improv comedy night, and I totally forgot but I've actually dedicated an entire post to him before. Long story short, I love Pooh Bear. Recently, I read a book called the Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff as a part of my goals to read more books. 
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This book was all about how Pooh Bear represented someone who followed the way of the Tao. It's been on my to-read list for a long time and when my friend said that I reminded her of Pooh, I had to read it. Some parts of the book I agreed with... other parts, not so much. I'm going to include a few select quotes for you to read. I think that's the best way to see if you want to read this book. 

According to Lao-Tse, the more man interred with the natural balance produced by the universal laws, the further away the harmony retreated into the distance. The more forcing, the more trouble. Whether heavy or light, wet or dry, fast or slow, everything had its own nature already within it, which could not be violated without causing difficulties.  
The Tao is about of going with the flow and being happy-go-lucky. Exactly like the willy, nilly old Bear. 

From the state of the Uncarved Block comes the ability to enjoy the simple and the quiet, the natural and the plain. 
I really wanted to agree with everything I read in this book, but I just couldn't. I don't think I need to do anything extreme to feel excited. I don't need to travel the globe or jump out of planes. However, I do get so bored so often... so I'm not sure that I'd be happy enjoying what's natural. 

Tao does not do, but nothing is not does. It means that Tao doesn't force of interfere with things but lets them work in their own way to produce results naturally. Then whatever needs to be done is done.
One of the aspects of this philosophy I had a huge disconnect with was not trying. As you can probably guess, I love trying things out and making attempts at my goals. But Tao distinguishes the difference between producing results naturally and forcing something to happen. 

...that doesn't mean goals don't count. They do, mostly because they cause us to go though the process, and it's the process that makes us wise, happy or whatever.
This is such a sweet reminder, isn't it? 

When you work with Wu Wei, you put the round peg in the round hole and the square peg in the square hole. No stress, no struggle. Egotistical Desire tries to force the round peg in the square hole and the square peg in the round hole. Cleverness tries to devise craftier ways of making pegs fit where they don't belong. Knowledge tries to figure out why round pegs fit round holes but not square holes. Wu Wei doesn't tries. It doesn't think about it. it just does it. And when it does, it doesn't appear to do much of anything. But Things Get Done.
Reading this passage does make me think I'm a bit Taoist. I wonder about the Whys and the Hows, but I don't get hung up on them. I try my best not to get caught up in thinking and thinking about thinking. 

In order to take control of our lives and accomplish something of lasting value, sooner or later, we need to learn to Believe. We don't need to shift our responsibilities on to the shoulders of some defied Spiritual Superman, or sit around and wait for fate to come knocking at the door. we simply need to believe in the power that's within us , and use it. 
This quote says to me that we should rely on ourselves to build our legacy. I've been thinking a lot about "legacy" lately. Not a statue that society should build in our honor, or an everlasting impact on society, but just the way that our family and friends remember us. 

Overall, this book was a quick short read that you should pick up if anything in this post got you thinking. 


  1. Love Pooh Bear too, it is now on my to read-list as well.."that doesn't mean goals don't count. They do, mostly because they cause us to go though the process, and it's the process that makes us wise, happy or whatever", so true, need to remember:) Kisses Aki! xo

  2. I'm a lover of pooh bear as well. I've seen this book and read a few passages before. It's hard to just go with the flow, but when we become more aware of whats going on around us and our thoughts our life does get better. :) Very informative breakdown of Taoism.

    1. It's hard (nearly impossible?) to follow the process without believing in the process.

  3. Thanks for sharing these passages Aki! I really want to get this book. I actually agree with the passages. When I was younger, I use to force things and try to make things happen. The result was a mess. HaHaHa I feel what's meant will be. I guess it's just a matter of interpretation.

  4. I have a huge disconnect with "not trying too." I have the faith that I can do all things by the grace of God. I believe so much in Miracles.

    Thanks so much for sharing...:)

  5. i love reading inspirational things like this. still figuring out what my lasting impact on society will be!

  6. lol. Love your connection between Lao and Winnie. Such an unlikely pair. I often considered the Taoist way of going with the glow - great for some occasions. But too much of it made me passive-aggressive, which is no way to treat others.
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    1. Hmm. I actually didn't really pick up much of that from the text but I can definitely see that being the "bad path".

  7. I remember that book from when I was a child! It was so sweet - and the style of the drawing is simply beautiful!! :) My number 1 forever!! :) Thx for the post.

  8. o0o0o I wanted to get this book but didn't get around to doing it, isn't there a piglet one as well? Thanks for sharing btw! I love the picture!

    1. There is a piglet one! But I never felt too much of a connection with piglet.

  9. The quote in that image is truly one of the most inspiring quotes ever for me!

  10. LOVE this quote and post. Also, heart your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)

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  11. great quote!


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  13. I love Pooh, too!
    Fab review!


  14. U have a obsession with POOH BEAR. OBVIOUS enough. :)))
    So is Pooh a taoist too?

    Issa x

  15. haha i love the idea behind this, but then it takes a whole other meaning with the philosophy aspect!

  16. Love Pooh Bear! Will definitely be on the look out for this book.

  17. I'm a total fan of Winnie the Pooh!

  18. I love to read and what an interesting way to look at goals and hopes in your life!!! Awesome post, thanks for sharing! I am going through some "crossroads" right now in my career and this post definitely helped brighten it up a bit!! And who doesn't love some sweet pooh bear xo

    xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

  19. Pooh bear is too cute.
    Happy easter, darling!

  20. Great words! I am soooo in love to read it :)
    Mind to follow each other dear?

    crunchy cheese me

  21. I have heard of this book, but I never knew what it was about. Interesting quotes.

  22. I love that quote :) and Pooh Bear is kind of the cutest pet name ever!

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  23. this is amazing!! i never would have connected the dots love this will definitely check this out!! love pooh bear hehe!

  24. I used to watch Pooh Bear tv shows and movies with my little sister all the time. Sweet pet name as well!

    XO, Imke

  25. I loved Winnie the Pooh when I was a child!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, hope to see you there again :-)

    See you xx

  26. I love how much this series makes you think - long after you've completed each installment. :)

  27. Loved this cartoons

  28. I agree with you about legacy. It's not about what society thinks of you or anything like that. It's how your family and friends remember you, which is really what's most important.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  29. hmmmm that is SUPER interesting- I wonder if Pooh was intended to follow Tao or if that just happened accidentally. Either way, the old bear is definitely a great model to follow :)

    xo Marlen
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