Monday, May 27

This or That Tag

I don't think you guys know this about me, but I freaking love tags. I love answering questions that someone else set out. They can be so insightful. I saw this tag on youtube and then Emily did it on my endless imagination so I had to do it too! 
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And for the record, dogs, coffee, pirates and pancakes.

tag questions: 
blush or bronzer: Blush! I am pretty dark skinned, but I lack color in my cheeks. Blush is a part of my every day makeup while I have ever used bronzer before. 
lip gloss or lipstick: Lipgloss. I like my lipsticks, but I think gloss is more forgiving on my very dry lips. 
foundation or concealer: Foundation. I really like a light coat of tinted moisturizer or something with SPF. I don't ever use concealer. 
OPI or china glaze: Both were given to me as a gift and I don't know what I'd prefer. I think I like China Glaze since the quality is comparable but China Glaze is cheaper.
Long or short: I wish I could have long nails but my constant nail biting gets in the way. I have to have short nails. I don't even know how to do things (like type and write) with long nails. 
Brights or darks: Brights during the spring, darks during the winter? But if I had to choose overall, brights. 
Flower or no flower: No flower. Other than the fact that I'm upset that I can't draw flowers on my nails, salons don't offer the same cute designs I see on the internet. 

perfume or body splash: Body Splash. Perfume is more expensive and such a concentrated scent. Body splash is just a casual burst of scent.  
lotion or body butter: Lotion. I don't think I've ever really tried out a body butter. 
body wash or soap: Body Wash. Sometimes I'm too lazy to use soap. 
lush or other bath company: In terms of which company's products I go crazy for, Lush. But since their prices are so expensive, I often just shop at whichever store has the deals.

jeans or sweat pants: I don't really wear sweatpants. Only during the winter, at home. So, I have to say stretchy jeans for the win. 
long sleeve or short: Short sleeve, I guess. It's hot here most of the year and I always, always, always push my sleeves up past my elbows. 
long dresses or skirts: Dresses. I think they're the easiest thing to wear since you don't have to look for a separate top.
stripes or plaid: I like plaid, but I think stripes are the more classic pattern. I recently took a quiz that said my style was a bit French inspired or something like that. 
flip flops or sandals: Flips flops are so freaking uncomfortable. Sandals. 
scarves or hats: I actually like hats and I think they would be really practical for blocking out the sun in AZ, but I actually own several scarves and no hats. That may change this summer. 
studs or dangly earrings: Neither! My ears aren't pierced. 
necklaces or bracelets: Necklaces. I fiddle with bracelets way too much. 
heels or flats: I love both, but heels are just more dressy!
cowboy boots or riding boots: Riding boots! When I love one and hate the other, the choice isn't very hard. 
jackets or hoodie: Jackets can be as comfortable as hoodies... and I think they generally look better. 
forever 21 or charlotte russe: Forever 21. Whenever I go to Charlotte Russe now, I really can't believe I used to like that store. They have some great deals, but some of their items are so gaudy. Forever 21 has pretty bad moments too, but on a whole, I think I wear more F21. 
abercombie or hollister: I've honestly never shopped at either. Just from my memories, I think these are both very dark and smelly stores. I always feel like I'm going to be mugged. 
saks 5th or nordstrom: Never been to Saks 5th so Nordstrom!

curly or straight: I wish my hair could have natural curls since it looks good when it's left alone... but I'm too lazy to do that most of the time, so straight. 
bun or ponytail: Buns. Buns actually stay up on my head whereas the high pony tail look falls flat after a few hours. 
bobby pins or butterfly clips: I don't know...I use bobby pins now, but they are not very effective. I think butterfly clips would work a lot better with my hair. 
hair spray or gel: Never used hair gel... so spray!
long or short: My hair gets kinks in it if it is short, so it is easier to take care of long. I think it also frames my face better. 
light or dark: My hair's black and I've never dyed it. So black! (Not sure if I'm using the right form of dye here.) 
sweep bangs or full bangs: Side sweep probably. I have not had bangs for a very, very long time.
up or down: Generally up when I'm indoors and down when I'm outside. It just looks super messy when it's up!

Rain or shine: Shine. I mean... Arizona is the land of sun, right? I love my rainy days but only because they're so infrequent. 
Summer or winter: Winter. The summer is just too hot to be enjoyable. 
Fall or spring: Fall. I get too many allergies during the spring. 
Chocolate or vanilla: With all of my heart and soul, chocolate. 
East coast or west coast: After so many years out West, I have to go with West Coast! 

This was a cute and fun tag! I would encourage you to do it if you wish. 


  1. What a great tag!! I love reading these. :) I feel like I've gotten to know you better! hehe..

    xo - Sheila

  2. I really enjoy reading these tags too, lovely to find out a little more about you. xxx

  3. tags are great! i love blush myself. i feel like bronzer weighs me down. i have recently been getting my nails done and i love it. it's definitely high maintenance but it prevents me from biting my nails, ha

  4. Ahh! I feel the exact same way about Charlotte Russe. I guess tastes change, especially as we get older:) Love this post!

  5. These are fun to read! I agree with you about Charlotte Russe and F21, although I can't spend much time in F21 because they blast the music so loud and I can never find the clothes I see other people post online. So maybe I like neither store?

  6. The graphic you used for this post is so perfect eheh

    And omg - I feel the exact same way about a&f and holllister! I hate the loud music, the moody lighting and the strong perfume they spray everywhere too -_-.... god I sound old

  7. I enjoyed reading your this or that tag post. :) i love the graphic image. so cute! i agree regarding the lush products. here in the Philippines, sooooo expensive!



  9. Tags are awesome! I enjoyed reading this :) Chocolate all the way!!

  10. stretchy jeans for the win!i chose what you did in many of these..

  11. id like to invite u to my OASAP giveaway


  12. Great idea! I love answering questions like this too, so I'll be sure to try this on my blog one day!

  13. Nice tag, I also prefer blush, buns, long straight hair and chocolate:) Kisses! xo

  14. you & me both! i think it comes back from my days on livejournal when those survey things were a must! may be doing this later on sometime!
    xx Corinne

  15. That little tag graphic is too adorable

  16. interesting! although personally i'm too lazy to answer tagged questions. boo!

  17. I prefer ninjas to pirates and waffles to pancakes :).

  18. lol i love the little cartoon list!
    I like dogs, tea,pirates and pancakes :)

  19. I love blush and lip gloss too! Just pulls a look together, great post!
    Penny Rose

  20. totally would pick sandals over flip flops too!

  21. Haha we are the complete opposite on that first this or that! I agree with you about Charlotte Russe - I only shopped a handful of times there but never walked out with much. F21 has much better items and even surprisingly better quality!
    <3 Carolyn


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