Thursday, October 24

Clinque "even better" Foundation in SPF 15 Color Vanilla Review

This is kinda scary guys, but do you ever find makeup?

You're digging in your bathroom cabinet and you find a nail polish. Or in an old purse and you find chapstick? Or in my case, in your drawer and some foundation?

I remember when I was given this foundation though and it wasn't too long ago... thank goodness! 

Generally I think SPF 15 is a bit too low for Arizona, but I'm not really the type to not use makeup when I already have it.  

This product has medium coverage and average staying power. I think it does a pretty good job at evening out my skin tone while staying fairly natural in finish. Original price for this product is $27, which I find a bit too expensive considering I can (and usually do) purchase Asian foundation products for cheaper. 


  1. I used to be a Clinique fan but have switched to companies that make more natural products. I think I made the switch when I fell in love with Aveda. Now, I use Arbonne. Anywho, looks like a good match to me! Honestly, I don't rely on the SPF in foundation for sun protection. I have lotion with SPF on too.

  2. The color match on this one looks like it's pretty good for you! I tend not to care too much about SPF in foundation as it's either in my moisturizer or I just use a separate sunscreen.

    I don't think I usually find treasures like makeup when I am rooting through things, but the other day I Instagrammed a picture where I pulled out an old purse from like 2 years ago and a gauze pad and a pack of oatmeal fell out. I found that hilarious for some reason.

  3. I am always finding makeup. Though generally by the time I find it, it's "gone bad" in a sense. Like just looks really old and gross and then I end up throwing it away. ^^;

  4. I used to use this foundation! I made my skin a little too greasy, so I switched over to their Stay Matte foundation. I'd totally recommend that one!


  5. The only thing that I normally find makeup in random places is probably lip products. I always keep the rest stored in one pouch everytime I go out.

    I've been wanting to try this foundation! I'm a big fan of Clinique, their super moisture foundation works well on me. I might try this when one of my SPF foundations run out, because honestly, foundations last forever for me!

  6. I find make up sometimes too, it's very scary hehe!

    Jennie xo |

  7. whoa!! that foundation blended into your skin so well! i'll have to check this out next time i'm shopping for foundation!

  8. I love Clinique products, but they can be expensive! I don't think I would pay $27 for foundation, because I rarely wear it.

  9. I've never tried clinique make up but I'll have to check this out next time i'm shopping. When it comes to foundation, I get really overwhelmed by all the choices that are available! x

  10. Wow! If i ever found makeup at the bottom of my drawer i'd be quite scared to use it :P
    But i'd totally cringe if it was this foundation because it's so expensive! It looks like it has really nice coverage though :)



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