Thursday, October 3

Crossbody Bags

The other day, I was thinking about work when I realized... I needed a cross body bag. I've shared before how I want a handbag for work. I thought a large bag would fix my problems. But when  I saw the girl I was having lunch with reach into her large purse for a crossbody bag, I realized that what I needed, perhaps more importantly than a large bag, was a small bag. 

Stuff floats around in a large bag. Receipts, tissues, pens, pile up over time. All this junk makes the "essentials" very difficult to find. That's why I decided I need a small purse to go in the big purse. The big purse can carry my laptop and documents. The small purse can carry my keys, wallet and phone. 

It'll be perfect. 
I'm very good at justifying my purchases. 
Let's start with this one. It's nice and simple. I'm not 100% in love with the texture here though. 
Merona Removable Strap Crossbody Bag, Target
In this next one, I really like the buttery feel of this bag. The simple gold detail is also really attractive to me. It has enough structure to stand on its own, but isn't too structured that I'd be worried about it getting mashed in a bag. 
Faux Leather Structured Crossbody Bag, Forever 21
I mean... the trend here is black bag with gold details, right? While I think I prefer straps instead of the chain, there's a certain look to the delicate gold chain that's very pretty! 
Convertible Envelope Crossbody, Forever 21
Not liking the textures of Target bags also seems to be a trend here. I think I prefer smooth over grainy textures. I also don't think I love this type of buckle. But this purse is still representative of the size I want... if not the style. 
Merona Grainy Crossbody, Target
I also go back and forth on buckles. For example, I don't much love the last one... but these decorative buckles are LOVE. This purse has a lovely sporty look. 
This last purse from Forever 21 is probably my favorite. In addition to this cognac color, they also have a burgandy, forest green and black. The price of this was unbeatable (20 bucks or so) but the quality is definitely what you'd expect for the price.... cardboard. 
Envelope Crossbody, Forever 21


  1. having a small purse in the big purse? Sounds a good idea and thats very inspiring me to be honest. I am a purse addict and i absolutely love with the last two bag. It's very pretty!

  2. If you're sticking it in a bigger bag, I'd go with an envelope or wallet style so it's not crushed like you said. Nevertheless all these are lovely!

  3. I never really liked cross body bags until this year. I can't get enough of them now! But the ones i have are either too small or too boxy so it can't fit much. I like the f21 ones you posted, they look very nice

  4. i was just thinking this myself! I like the last two the best.

  5. Great post - I'm a total crossbody bag type of girl. Unfortunately, with two kids now, I have to resort to a mom-purse, which is large, and a well for stuff to shuffle around get lost in :O(

    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  6. So usually I am a strong supporter of Target, but I just got a Merona cross body from Target and I was super unhappy with quality.

  7. i used to love big bags. i loved the messiness of it - of how everything inside would move around and i would have to rummage through to find what i needed. but then i fell in love with crossbody bags and it's the only ones i use now! i have a small one where just my wallet, keys and phone fit perfectly and something a little bigger that can fit a bit more stuff like my eye glasses, etc. and i love the cognac color!

  8. I'm all about the small bags at the moment, all of my bigger bags end up getting so messy and I find it so frustrating, if only I could be tidier hehe!

    Jennie xo |

  9. Hi Aki! I use crossbody bags a lot, my fav from these is the second! Kisses! xo

  10. so great for travel i love cb bags!

  11. haha I love your purchase justification :D Crossbody bags are awesome and very convenient!

  12. I totally agree - I've always thought "I need a larger bag" but actually come to think of it, a smaller bag would prevent things from floating around. I have a medium sized Longchamp which is handy, quick and light, however, because there are no compartments, I find myself rummaging for so long to find something, haha! I think a small crossbody bag is a great idea to keep things compacted and in it's place! The F21 is so up my alley - the colour and the gold buckle. You're making me want to get one! =)

  13. I don't have a BIG purse but I do think every lady should have a smaller bag that won't give her scoliosis and can fit just the essentials. Let us know which one you end up deciding on

  14. A good cross body bag is such an essential, I think - I love the structured one from Forever 21!

  15. I agree with you, the Aldo bag is one of the best bags here, love that colour it's perfect for autumn...

  16. Whoa, she reached into her bag and got out another bag?! Good luck on your search! I've been wanting a new crossbody bag myself.

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