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My Life is Average Mondays: Musings about Makeup

As some of you may know, for the longest time, I didn't wear makeup. When I started, I started slowly. Eyeliner at first, then I found about about eyeshadows... the interest grew from there. 

Now, I have enough products for what I call "a full face of makeup". Somewhere along this 5 year journey, I've transitioned from calling my no makeup appearance "bare" instead of "normal". When you wear makeup everyday, don't you forget what you really look like? And when the purpose of this make up is to enhance and improve your looks, do you feel uglier without makeup? 

I just did. And it scared me. 

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I remember when I was hanging out with a friend. We were walking around our campus in August and it was unbearably hot outside. When we got back to her dorm, she took a shower. We had dinner plans and so I asked her if she could leave right after she showered. This friend insisted that she had to put on her makeup first. Back then, the only time I had put on makeup was for prom so I didn't understand her compulsion. It was just dinner between a few high school friends... what was the deal, right? She confessed that she had not gone outside without makeup since she was 15. 

I didn't understand her then. But as I started wearing makeup more often, I started noticing when women wore makeup and when they didn't. One of the scariest experiences I had was when I saw an acquaintance who usually had on a full face of makeup without a stitch. Can I make a confession? I thought she was very plain. I didn't realize that she covered up her acne, wore heavy eye makeup and contoured her face everyday. In fact, I barely recognized her. I wondered if I ever came off that way to others.

If I skip makeup when I'm tired and feeling down, would I look even worse? What happens if I really need eyeliner to feel complete? 

What happens when you feel "bare" without makeup? 


  1. Hmm... Interesting post. I've never been a big make-up wearing. In fact, I feel that women who wear a lot of make up are being fake. I just started wear make up a couple of years ago. I only wear make up to work, and even then it's only foundation, powder (both in very small amounts) and eye shadow. i don't mind if people wear make up to spice things up a little, but it shouldn't make you look like a totally different person. IMO, that's going too far.

  2. I think everyone has their make-up must that they can't go without, but I've noticed in many people the opposite trend with makeup use. They used to need it and feel naked or ugly or care what others thought of them without it but now they don't feel that as much (I'm definitely in this group).

  3. I started wearing makeup when I was fairly young, mascara and foundation in middle school (it's all I was allowed) and then I added and added through high school. There was a point in my life (we'll call it college age even though I didn't go to college) that I wouldn't leave my house without make. If I was getting the mail from the mailbox at the end of the driveway, I needed to put on makeup. I would have a panic attack if I was running short on time and people would see me bare faced because I felt ugly. It didn't help that the few times I did go out, people made a huge deal about how different I looked. I automatically equated different with bad because I was in such a bad place already. Now that I'm pushing 30, I'm back to not really caring. My family, my best friend and my boyfriend all know what I look like without makeup. I still prefer to be wearing it, but the terror of being detached from it thankfully went away.

  4. Normally I try to wear minimal makeup during the weekends unless I have a dinner to go to with family or friends. I confess I don't really like leaving the house without makeup but if I'm doing a quick errand run or something, I leave the house bare-faced and sometimes I forget. haha.. but I just like makeup in general because it's my way to be creative. lol

    Great post!

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  5. This subject is fascinating. Not allowed to wear makeup until recently, I don't understand what women think about it, so it's valuable to read reflections like this. As a tool, makeup appears to be something that can be used for good or bad, as an enhancement or a crutch.

  6. I'm a total barefaced girl and been this way forever. It feels odd when I do wear makeup, kind of like wearing a mask. But it is really fun to change your appearance and if I wasn't so lazy, I'm sure I'd do it more often

  7. I didn't always wear makeup too. When I wear makeup on a daily basis, I use enough to cover acne or imperfections, but I don't think enough to where if I didn't, I would look different. It is pretty scary to see those who wear tons of makeup, barefaced.

  8. this is interesting..i feel everyone should feel free to wear as much make-up as they want without being ridiculed, having agency over your own appearance is a big deal for me..but i would never let make-up become an extended identity for me. it is important to keep telling yourself that even without make-up i look just fine. in fact most days i wear just kajal in my eyes, on certain days i restrain myself from that too even if the compulsion is there.

  9. I went through a period of time where I refused to leave the house without make up, my skin was really bad and it was my security blanket. Now, even though my skin is far from perfect, I'm fairly happy to go out without wearing any. Generally I prefer to have a little bit of foundation on though!

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  10. i started wearing make up in college but i mean i was terrible at it. didn't know what i was doing and it was just foundation, eyeliner and a little eye shadow. no lipstick because i didn't get lipstick back then. i could not go outside without putting on make up on because for some reason i saw that i looked really different. more tired without make up (and i've been cursed with really bad dark circles). but as i got older and hit my late twenties, i felt more comfortable in my bare skin and didn't feel the need to have make up on all the time. my routine is still the same, but now i just don't wear make on a daily basis :)

  11. This is one reason I don't wear makeup. I don't want to go without it one day and have people not recognize me. I think if your makeup enhances your looks, you should definitely wear it, but you don't want to wear so much that you completely lose your identity without it. Just my two cents! :)

  12. I always try to hide behind my glasses and cap. And Ikr, I don't know how makeup just get accumulated and you reach this point where you have more than enough makeup for a full face makeup!

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  13. I didn't start wearing makeup til AFTER I graduated college. I think my skin changed after college too and I wanted to cover some of it up. I also felt that makeup made me look a bit older, which I need since I have a baby face (IMO). I feel naked without makeup even though if I took a before- and after-makeup photo, there'd BARELY be a difference because I have a very light hand with makeup. Luckily, after many years of practice, my makeup only takes 10-15 min. Plus, I never change up my look like some bloggers can.


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