Thursday, December 26

Persun Mall New Year's Wishlist

Do you still need some inspiration for your night out on December 31st? Check out these frocks to ring in the New Year with!

1. Go Practical
Practicality describes me. I rarely buy dresses for one occasion... but I love it when I can wear one dress to many events. This dress not only looks gorgeous on New Year's Eve, but you can also wear it to work, a wedding or other dressy event.

Monbasa Classic Color Stitching Chiffon Dress, PersunMall

2. Go Trendy
On the other hand, if you really want a dress you'll only wear once, you should definitely try out a trend at the same time. I've seen a ton of dresses and shirts in that windowpane pattern. Maybe NYE is the time to rock it. 

Vintage Long Sleeve Check Pattern Dress, PersunMall

3. Go Luxurious
Velvet is a dated fabric and unless you're very fashionable, it can be hard to pull off. However, the one time of the year when it's pretty widely accepted is during the holidays. Both warm and luxurious, there's really no better time to wear velvet than now!

Moonbasa Luxury Palace Frilly Vest Dress, PersunMall

4. Go with a Little Black Dress
Don't have a LBD? Want another LBD? I have a very plain LBD for work, but I feel like I really want a girlier one with more bells and whistles. I love the full skirt and scalloped edges in the one below. 

5. Go Casual
If a night out isn't your idea of fun, stay home in a comfy and casual dress. Try slipping on this sweater with some leggings and staying warm indoors. This is what I end up doing every year!

6. Go Heavily Armed
No matter where you end up going... or what you end up wearing, make sure to accessorize!

Frosted Heart Shaped Bracelet, PersunMall

If it's not snowing, stun in some killer heels. If it is snowing, flats look better than on your behind in the cold wet snow!

High Street Style Boots with Buckle, PersunMall

Or perhaps... a lovely gold clutch is more your tune. Personally, I can't handle how I always have to hold a clutch, but I can't deny that they're gorgeous. 

Quiet Luxury Clutch with Jewels, PersunMall

You can keep warm in this animal printed scarf. I really like the leopard face in the lower left hand corner, it's hidden so it's not too bold... but when some one notices it, it's fierce! (Well, maybe it would be if it wasn't folded in. As it is now, it's a bit derpy.)

Leopard Patterns Knitting Scarf, PersunMall

Isn't choosing what to wear so much easier when you're not looking at your own closet? 


  1. Amazing looks :)

    Happy Holidays, my love *_*


  2. A little black dress is always a winner! Love these selections Aki.

  3. Gorgeous dresses! lol yea, it's so much easier to choose what to wear looking anywhere but your closet :D

  4. Haha, I agree with that last quote! And love the pieces you picked, especially that last scarf.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and the lovely comment.
    Happy holidays!

  5. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know if you already did! :)

    xx, Edda

  6. Love the checked dress and those awesome boots! Hope you're having a wonderful festive season hun!

  7. Ooh, what luxe items! Love that cozy sweater and the heart bangle. Happy new year!

  8. i'm going casual tonight, i think!

  9. Those heeeeeeeeels! I WANT THEM!!! And that little black dress is adorable!


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