Monday, January 6

Firmoo Glasses Review + Code for Free Frames!

I'm sure you've heard of Firmoo, but maybe you haven't ordered! If you're worried about the quality or the fit... or concerned that you'll do it wrong, please read this review! I was concerned about these things too. The voucher for the frames is at the bottom of the post and if you're a blogger and interested in working with Firmoo, please check out this link!

1. If you're worried about quality... don't. Firmoo has great quality. Yes, they ship from China, but when I compared their glasses with frames I get in the US and frames I get in China, they're much closer to the kind of frames I see in the US. They're not made of the same plastic material. 

2. If you're concerned about fit... they actually have great guides. For example, I just uploaded my profile pic onto their virtual system. I put the glasses over my face and... hey! I really liked the fit. 

3. Lastly, if you're concerned you'll do it wrong... maybe. My glasses make me a bit dizzy and it's hard to focus when I turn my head suddenly. If you're getting prescription glasses, you need to have your prescription. I'm sure many of you already know that. However, equally important is the Pupillairy Distance. This tells the glasses where your pupils are so it focuses at the right spots. For example, when I look forward, the glasses are perfect. But when I look to the left and right, my eyes have trouble focusing because I gave Firmoo the wrong PD. If you order, make sure to get your PD right!

If you wear glasses, there's no reason why you shouldn't get a pair from Firmoo instead of paying 70-200 bucks at the doctor's. I think this is especially perfect if you want to get a more fanciful, extravagant pair like I did. With Firmoo's First Pair Free program, just try them out! 

You can also use the code sevenpercentblogs4 to get $30 off any Classic Frames


  1. They have the cutest frames at a great price. Those look awesome on you Aki.

  2. Hi Aki! New frames ALWAYS make me dizzy... espeically if I try to do it myself but even when the professionals measure my PD and prescribe glasses to me, i tend to go @#$#$# on the first try haha :) Great review though! And thanks for tagging me in a Liebster award... I'm new to blogging to I have no idea what that is.. do you mind telling me a little about them? Thanks!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | My Naked Look!

  3. Hey there Aki, nice to 'meet' you! Great review, thanks for the heads up - I didn't know about this company but actually could do with some new specs, maybe I'll have to check them out...

  4. I love the glasses you picked out! They go so nicely with your face shape!

  5. You definitely chose great glasses! They look good, and seem like they're quality too :)

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  7. you look so great with those glasses!

  8. love the frames that you chose - they look great on you!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  9. The glasses look great on you! I'm super picky when it comes to frames, I can't make a decision unless I try it on, but I'm so tempted by Firmoo, there's so much variety!

  10. These frames are so fun, great choice!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. I love those glasses on you! You look very pretty

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  12. The glasses look real nice on you.

  13. Great looking glasses that its all Firmoo sale. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  14. I've seen these glasses on Firmoo website before and they immediatly caught my attention! They are so unique and cute! They look lovely on you!


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