Monday, March 31

MLIAM: How Quickly the Months Pass

Wow. Just a few short months ago, I started my job. Time passes by so quickly! 

You know how the monthly favorites of every blogger and youtuber always starts with something along the lines of "I can't believe this month passed so quickly." I started noticing this a few years ago, but now I think this is such common knowledge that bloggers acknowledge it themselves (ex: I know everyone says this every month, but this month really went by too fast!) I found myself thinking... Why do people feel like time went by too fast? How do we prevent that from happening? Here are my thoughts on the subject. I hope you contribute yours. 

Time goes by too fast when we are not aware of what is going on. Time goes by too fast when you're busy, whether you're having fun or being stressed. How often have you been working hard, only to realize that the whole day has passed you by? On the other hand, when you're bored, you're not involved in anything and the time is passing by so slowly... but think about it. 

In one situation, you're aware of the time. When you're bored in fact, you're hyperaware of the time. I'm sure we've all sat in our seats at school waiting for the clock on the wall to show 3:00 so we can go home. Being bored though, is no solution. However, instead of hurrying about our lives with no awareness of time, I propose we should assess how we spend our time.

Every minute, every second is something we'll never have back again. Isn't that a frightening concept? The time I'm spending writing this post and the time you're spending reading is now lost forever. So... everything, from the time spent taking an afternoon nap to the job you spend 40 (60? 80?) hours at is time you will never, ever get back. Now, that's not to say you should not stop to enjoy yourself. After all, I strongly believe that time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted at all. However, given that time can and does pass us so quickly we should spend it on something we deem worthwhile. Whether that's 80 hours at a job, catching up on entire seasons of television shows or talking with friends. 

Does it seem like time passes you by too quickly? 
What do you do to stop that from happening?


  1. Oh my goodness yes, I can't believe it's April already. Although Friday afternoons seem to drag on forever. Want to make time feel like an eternity? Wait in line for the bathroom

  2. Time is so crazy. It does feel like it goes by quickly when we're not paying attention to it and we're busy. I don't like the feeling of time going slow when you're waiting for something to happen...

  3. I have a poor concept of time and poor time management skills so time always seems to be working against me. I need to work on fixing this. Great post!

  4. Time sure does fly by when you are busy in your life, whether it's fun or stress or both. I think that adults say time flies because we are somewhat always looking ahead - what's for lunch? what's for dinner? what's the plans this weekend, next month, next year? While it's good to plan for the future, not everything in the present needs to lead-up to some future event, milestone, or goal. I think we need to take a cue from kids and live wholly in the present from time to time.

  5. Don't make me think of how time seems to fly sometimes! Ack!

  6. just wait until your 30's... time REALLY flies by then lol!!

  7. i agree ENTIRELY! i've actually been trying to train myself -- at least 1 day out of the week -- to pay more attention to things (my issue is that i rush through everything!-- i run to the subway and then run to the subway from work-- total tunnel vision). and while it doesnt make time stand still or go any slower, i just enjoy it more :) [for me, at least, i'm able to savor it a little bit before i start running again]
    xx Corinne


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