Thursday, April 24

Silver Linings Shoe Liners Review

I love wearing heels, but I'm also a huge believer in comfortable shoes. This review is a continuation of my search for inserts to make my shoes more comfortable. 

Mainly, I'm looking for the inserts to do 3 things. 

1. Cushion my feet: Not all of my shoes have enough padding on them for a day with lots of standing or walking, I'd like the inserts to cushion the balls of my feet. 
2. Stop my feet from sliding: For some reason, when it gets to warmer weather, my feet just slide down any pair of heels, mashing my toes. I want the insert to act as a grip for my feet.
3. Oder Control: Yep. I said it. I don't want my feet to stink up my shoes!

These claim to absorb odor and preserve shoe interiors. They have a nonslip backing and are non-adhesive. The downside is that they only last 10-15 uses. 

I loved the concept, but at the end of the day, I didn't really feel like they worked. They stay in my shoes pretty well but are too thin for any cushioning and I see no difference in odor control. 

Do you have any go-to shoe liners?


  1. Great review! I have a problem with finding truly comfortable heels too, so I usually wear the heels more for show, but then switch into flats when I have to do a lot of walking. This method is very unglamorous, but it saves my feet!

    I found these pads called Petals (I think this is the name) that you can put in your shoes to stop your feet from sliding forward. They work pretty good, but can be a little hard and uncomfortable if you have to stand for a long time. I haven't been able to find any good liners for cushioning either.

    1. I actually do this exact same thing. That's why I have a huge purse, I need to be able to fit my heels in them once I switch shoes. I am yet to find heels that I can really walk around in for too long (or inserts that make them comfortable enough)

  2. I need some odor control too, no shame. I'm fine in the winter and fall when I wear knee high stockings/socks but in the summer time, my shoes are horrible. I need new shoes ;).

  3. Aw odor control is important! I didn't realize there were inserts that had this aspect. Too bad these didn't meet your needs as well.

  4. Nice Review; I usually buy my shoe liners from DSW shoe store and they're pretty good too although I haven't seen any with odor control yet.

    I try not to wear the same pair of shoes too much and always switch between several pairs and that keeps each pair looking as good as new.

    Nice Post.

  5. Yeah, I need to find something to contain odor also. I wear flats a lot of the time so I don't tend to wear sock with them, it makes for sweaty feet a lot. I found some good liners at Payless a couple years ago that lasted for about 3 months, so I definitely recommend checking them out!

    Mostly Lisa

  6. bummer. yeah i haven't found an insole that is both cushioning and controls odor either!!!

  7. silver linings playbook :P?!


  8. I don't have any shoe liners and it's too bad these weren't comfy. Definitely could use something that made heels more bearable

  9. Bummer, it hard to find an insole with cushioning but not too thick, that's my problem.

  10. there are some from dr scholls i like, but not sure if they do anything for odor

  11. Sorry these didn't work! :\ I usually use Dr. Scholl's For Her. They're not too good at preventing sliding, though.

    Good luck in your search!


  12. crap they don't work. i don't use them. i hope you can find some that work for you aki.

  13. Great review- although I'm bummed to hear they didn't do all they promised. Oy, what's a girl got to do to get a little high heel comfort around here? :)


  14. Great review, things like this are so incredibly useful! Glad to know which ones not to bother with!

    x leah symonne x

  15. Good tip! I'm so with you, if you do indeed come across something that covers all 3 I will be first in line!
    The Dr Scholl's Gel cushion feels nice but it slips too much for me when my foot sweats and does nothing for the smell.

  16. I'm always in the pursuit of good shoe-liners too. Just using the basic Dr.Scholl's gel one right now, but that one has no odor control though.

    PS Thanks for the blog comment. In regards to the whole normcore thing, I think it was actually a legit trend against "hipsterism", but just now has turned into an overused word:P I kinda think this whole labelling thing is kinda funny.

  17. Great review I should try these out.

  18. Thanks for the review, and I'm so sorry they didn't stand the test. I recently bought a pair of killer blue heels, but they hurt so bad, so I've been on the lookout for the perfect shoe liners, myself. Good thing I know not to bother with these. Xo

    Lace and Lipstick Stains

  19. I need that!!

  20. just found your blog by accident but you now have a new follower :)
    pop over and follow me back if you have a spare second, would appreciate it :) x

    The Silver Doll

  21. I have Dr. Scholl's shoe liners in only one pair of my shoes, since I'm using them to make a pair of too big shoes a tad more snug. However, I find that they work well.

  22. yum!

    ENter my shoe giveaway today!!


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