Tuesday, June 17

7% Solution: Tabula Rasa

It's at moments like this when I get nostalgic. I'm sitting in front of the airport gate about to go to Los Angeles then to London, then to Scotland. It's eerily quiet in the airport. There are only three others waiting with me. I'm having a moment of clarity, because I feel like it's taken me a lot to get to this moment. What exactly?

a break up

Possibly the biggest life event to happen to me. More life changing than graduation or getting a job. It's been hard of course, but it's definitely one of those experiences where you learn things about yourself. Namely, that I keep no secrets. Not from this blog, work friends who don't give a crap, or any of my close personal friends. Not having that support system will definitely be strange, but hey, it's no divorce. This has really forced me to become more of my own person and to explore what my life goals are. I guess on this blog, you can look forward to more life exploration, goal development and maybe even a dating post or two. 

moving apartments

This is a follow up of the first event. I've lived in a college town for six years now and I desperately want a change. First, in Phoenix, but eventually, I want to move out of Arizona all together. San Francisco is very high on my list. Looking for another place to move has proved very difficult. I've searched through uptown, midtown, downtown and in a local area called "Biltmore". I've tried to room with my friends and by myself... and even with strangers on Craigslist. I leave on this trip having applied for a beautiful 2 bedroom loft apartment in midtown with a Craigslist roommate. I'm still waiting to see, but hopefully, I'll move after my trip. Look forward to apartment decorations and interior design posts! 

work work work

Most of May was very light on the work for me, but it really picked up and got crazy at the end. This year so far, I've been coping with work. I'd really like to decide what I want to do in the long term (or maybe in the next two years). In addition to the personal development posts, professional development posts may be popping up. 

It's been uncharacteristically quiet in the last month on the blog for these reasons listed above. But there's nothing like an international trip to pick yourself back up and tackle life with a renewed fervor. 


  1. hey hun, i'm sorry to hear about your break up, those are never easy. Family is the first i go to when i need help picking up the pieces, and then your friends will do the rest.
    traveling is defiantly good for he, i've been so stressed this past year beause i'm not having a good time at work and nothing is working out when trying to do something new, i really wish i could have gone on a longgggg trip to ease my mind, but things always get in the way.
    vacations is a must, good for you!

    hang in there girl :)


  2. Sorry about the breakup but it sounds like the right decision now and gives you a chance to plant roots elsewhere. Hopefully the visit to the apartment and roommates works out!

  3. Life keeps moving and it seems you're moving along with it. Good luck on your adventures!

  4. Hey Aki! You're going through a lot of changes, but remember sometimes changes bring us to new things. It will lead you to meeting someone new (someone better), a new place to live and better opportunities. Everything will fall in place. Glad you're getting away :). Keep your chin up.

  5. Blergh blergh, let's catch up soon and talk about everything that's happened. Hope you're doing okay and enjoying the travels!

  6. so cute *_*


  7. I'm sorry about your breakup but we've been all there. It will get better with time.


  8. I'm sorry about your breakup b.ut it sounds like you have a lot to look forward to. Have a great trip! I kno they always help me clear my head.

  9. I just met your blog and is so pretty. I invite you to visit my blog and if you want follow me on blogger! Kisses :)


  10. Sorry about the break up...hope all is well~


  11. ugh sorry to hear about your breakup. those are never easy. but hopefully now you'll have the freedom to move and start over in a better place. good luck and have a lovely trip. (jealous!)

  12. I believe this new journey for you will definitely bring clarity and a new sense of love for yourself! Keep moving forward and don't look back. I hope your trip is everything you wished for. xoxoxo

    Mostly Lisa


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