Monday, July 21

Haley's Heavenly Scents

I first ordered from this site about a year ago. You can read about the scents that I ordered here. I enjoyed this site so much that I thought I'd order again. Her shipping time is by no means fast (she took a month to get these out to me) but to me, the pluses outweigh the minuses. She has a TON of scents, various lovely shapes and she's always always affordable. 

Let me share what I got this time!

Peeps - Sugar, sugar, sugar... and perhaps a bit of marshmallow. This smells sweet and bright. It perks you up wonderfully with a bit of a sugar rush, but isn't cloyingly sweet. 

Creme Brulee - You might expect this to be super sweet but while it is definitely a desert scent, it's more of a subdued caramel scent. Much more sophisticated than the Peeps smell. 

Apple Cinnamon - A great cinnamon scent that's not to harsh on the nose. It's sweet, but not overwhelming at all since the apple adds a bit of tartness. A perfect scent for the fall (or to remind you of the fall). 

Rosemary Mint - Ugh. I don't like this one at all. That's not the fault of Haley's though... Unfortunately, I had to purchase this to discover that I really don't like the rosemary scent. 

Toasted Marshmellow - Since this is another sweet dessert scent, I don't really distinguish it too much from Creme Brulee. If any difference, I'd only notice the lack of a caramel scent. 

Overall, my favorites have to be the apple cinnamon (tart + sweet make a great combination) and the Creme Brulee for when I just want a really nice sweet scent. 


  1. Just knowing the names of these scents makes these soaps so awesome to use!

  2. Wow they have so many different kinds of scents! Makes me want to order some too! Thanks for the review :) Love your blog!


  3. Great review. I hate rosemary so I would have steered away from that scent. Can't imagine it being any nicer with the addition of mint either!


  4. Mmm fun scents! I'm not really sure if I've ever smelled rosemary before...the others sound great though!

  5. Mmm, they all sound lovely! I'll have to check them out :)

  6. Can only imagine how good they smell!

  7. I don't really like use soaps but this all must smell so good!

  8. i've outgrown my love for scented candles, unfortunately. lavender used to be my fave! :)

  9. Oh very cute and the smell sounds delicious!
    Thanks for share this sweetie!

  10. Thanks for sharing. You make me want to try those out:)



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