Thursday, August 28

Straight Legged Ankle Pants

I love the look of these straight legged ankle pants. I think these are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for the workplace. They work great with heels and flats. Blouses, tanks and sweaters pair with these pants with no problem. When I started working, I didn't own any, but now, I've got three in different colors and my collection is growing rapidly. 

Here's an example from Forever 21, but these are really available anywhere at all different price points and qualities.
Essential Twill Ankle Pants, Forever 21
My favorite fit has been the Julie Ankle Pant in Petite sizing from Loft. They're the perfect length for heels and flats, stretchy, and great quality (with the exception of a bit of fading).  

Julie Straight Legged Mid Weight Pant, Loft
They come in a ton of colors. I own 2 pairs of black pants (different materials) and one pair in a dark green. Definitely thinking of branching out into navy... and maybe something bright too!

True Straight Pants, GAP
Do you like this style? Where do you purchase work pants?


  1. Ankle pants are great especially with heels =)

  2. I want some bright ones to wear casually on weekends!

  3. Very smart... although I like the more slim fitting style. I like to get my pants from Topshop because they cater for petite frames.

  4. Bookmarked for purchase with my first paycheck fsho.

  5. I like ankle pants with high heels the most. I have trouble searching for good ankle pants coz the crotch area always could not get pass my stringent test. I've got a few from Osmose till one fine day I realized that the crotch area isn't exactly how I like them and stopped wearing them.

  6. chic!


  7. I think I may every single pair of Minnies that j.crew has ever sold

  8. i like them! i usually wear jeans to work, but need pants for blogging events!

  9. I like the way the Loft ones look the best, but they don't always fit me that well. Finding great pants is challenging some times!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. I love ankle pants, gives classy-ness specially when you wear it with heels.

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  11. I wouldn't be without a pair either. It takes time to find the perfect one, but they really are such a wardrobe essential. x

  12. I mostly wear jeans to work, although I do like J. Crew cafe capris for when denim doesn't cut it.

  13. These are great pants and thank you for sharing your experience! I wish I could wear them but I have such fat calves. They look bad on me. :(

  14. I don't use this kind of trousers but they look cool! (^^)

  15. Oh these are really chic. I've been looking for new pants that I can wear to work. These are great!

  16. Hi dear,

    I like them, especially in some bright colour :)
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  17. I never ever wear trousers just dresses and skirts but I like the look of those 1st pair x

  18. Love this style of pants! We typically get most of our pants and jeans for that matter at LOFT.

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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