Monday, September 15

Graze Box Number 5

If you haven't heard of Graze, it's a subscription box that includes four snacks. Each box costs $6.49 but using the offer code below, you can get your first box free! 

Here's what I got in my most recently box!

Natural Vanilla Seeds - I can't really say that this tasted like vanilla... more like just plain seeds, but I liked them well enough. They were a tad bland but the constant hand to mouth motion kept me entertained for a good long while. 

Mango Chutney  - Definitely had that Indian Chutney flavor in 'em. These jam products are a hit or miss. I liked this one a lot but definitely needed a bit of a mint afterwards. 

Summer Berry Compote - The jam here was pretty good (sweet, but not overly so). However, I was not a fan of the shortbread. It crumbled apart too quickly and tasted dry/stale. 

Yin and Yang - This was not memorable at all. Now that I'm looking at the photo again, it doesn't look incredibly attractive either! Every part of this snack was tasty... however, it really didn't blend together too well.

Use this code to get your first box of four snacks completely free!


  1. Ooh...that mago chutney sounds delicious! These all sound good, actually. Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Azu

  2. The Yin & Yang looks a little like they squished it which they have done with some of my snacks, too. I think the only one of these I have tried is the mango chutney one. I liked the dip, but I don't think I liked the dippers so I disallowed it for the future. I feel like I have trashed just about everything on the site, lol. I only get deliveries once a month, though, so I am not running through things too quick.

  3. I could go for some mango chutney right now. That one looks good!

  4. I love my graze box! my fav is the popcorn but the mango chutney and berry compote looks so good too! x


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