Monday, October 12

How to Find Work Staples: The Drapey Shirt

I started this series before my hiatus but it's one that I definitely want to continue. This series goes over my professional wear staples! Please see Part 1: The Cardigan as well!

2. The Drapey Shirt 

I can’t stand button downs. Men look so good in them, but for me, either one part’s too tight (across my chest) or one part is too long (sleeves) or something else completely wrong in proportion. However, I am so happy that I found the drapey shirt. For me, I love these silky (or polyester/rayon) shirts because they don’t wrinkle as much as regular pressed shirts. Their boxy shape also makes it easy to find something that fits your body… and it’s just more comfortable. 

The Drapey Shell/Tank - This generally cannot be worn by itself. However, it’s great for layering under a cardigan or a blazer. During the summer in Arizona, I usually make use of one of these and a cardigan for the office. When I leave work, I can take off the cardigan to commute in the 120 degree weather. 
Drapey Shell/Tank

The Drapey Short Sleeved Shirt - On days when I really can’t bear another layer, I love the short sleeved shirt. I like to have plainer short sleeved shirts so I can wear a busier bottom or large necklace accessory. 
Short Sleeved Shirts

The Drapey Quarter Sleeve Shirt - This is getting into pretty dressy categories, but I love this look for a “down to business “ look. Since I’m in the habit of pushing any shirt I wear up past my elbows anyways, this really saves me from doing that. 
Quarter Sleeve Shirts

The Drapey Button Down - Now if you’re going in for an interview, there’s nothing better than the drapey button down. While I love the suit, I can’t help but to think that at times, I look incredibly childish in it. This helps adds that feminine touch to the suit, which helps me make it mine.
Long Sleeved Shirts


  1. Love these tops! The floral printed one is my favorite.

    Xo Azu

  2. I used to have a collection of drapey long sleeved shirts from Banana Republic. I LOVED them! The soft material is so flattering. Good call!

  3. LOVE a good shirt with a little slouch for the office. Easy, breezy. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. I'm all for a good button down shirt, my favorite! xx

  5. you brought up some good points aki! i love that white with the fancy adornment around the neckline.

  6. love the short sleeve drapey shirt! that's my go to at work!

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  7. very cool :)))
    Anyway, city of dreams is in Manila, Philippines. If you're interested, you can check out the link on my recent blog post. hehe :D

    xoxo, rae

  8. Great selection!


  9. i love drapey shirts too. they're so flattering and comfy, while still being professional. love that floral long sleeve button down!

  10. i love quarter sleeve tops the most for work. :D

  11. I have a load of cotton button downs and I agree, it's so hard to get a good fit on them. I have a couple of drapey ones and they're so much easier to wear!

  12. love love love

  13. I like the styles you show. Button downs are tough for me as well. I have a mix and I find that if the button downs are silk they are a nicer fit for me {but not a nicer fit for my bank account}.

  14. lovely shirts!

  15. I love this idea too and not comfortable of something too tight unless I have layers on it. Majority of what I own of Drapey are button downs.

  16. i love button downs! but agree they have to fit right. also love loose fitting shells - so easy when deciding what to wear.


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