Monday, November 2

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara Review

After spending a nice and lovely time in Orlando, I'm back to cold Seattle. I did recently get to go out and purchase some boots and sweaters though, so I'm in a good mood. I'm bringing you a post on mascara today -- I don't wear mascaras often anymore, so this was the last mascara I purchased. I have had it for much longer than 6 months though...  I should probably throw it out! 

This mascara defines my lashes. It thickens and lengthens very well, leaving natural looking lashes that are much improved from my nearly invisible ones. It does such a good job the first time, that I generally don't need to go back a second time. This greatly minimizes the clumping. However, if I am feeling overly ambitious and do decide to go back, this does not bode well for my lashes. If I'm not careful, it will clump.

I'm not 100% behind the wand. I think the short hairs on the wand make separating my lashes harder. The wand makes a much bigger impact than the formula on how my lashes look!

Overall, it's a mascara. I'll keep using it but I'm not likely to repurchase. 

When it comes to mascara, do you care more about the wand or the formula?


  1. lol, "it's a mascara." the formula means more to me. i like a traditional brush for volume and a plastic wand for length.

  2. I think the only two things I care about is whether or not it's organic and its staying power. Apart from that yes "it's a mascara" :D Loved that last bit very much! x

  3. I honestly care more about he wand. I like a thicker wand personally. I haven't been a huge Maybelline fan when it comes to their mascaras. I adore the L'Oreal Voluminous mascara though, it adds some series drama.

  4. Love this mascara. ^^
    Have a nice weekend...

  5. I have come to decide that I need both. I don't want it clumping {I actually almost never want it to look like I'm wearing mascara} but it also has to stay on my lashes. I'm very particular I think. :)

  6. Shame it's not a perfect one, but good that you can try another one when you've used this one up! :)

    I'm not so fussed abotu the brush for mascaras - as long as it doesn't clump I'm happy. Although I only wear makeup a couple times a week so I'm not too fussy haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. My gosh I love this mascara. It's my go to. I get the waterproof version because I have oily lids. I apply very thin layers to avoid clumps. I also keep an old, clean wand around to separate lashes.

  8. Sorry to hear this isn't that great that you won't repurchase! I definitely will keep that in mind since I love using new mascaras.

  9. I prefer using a very thin and small wand, because my lashes are very short T_T Big brushes make my lashes look clumpy!


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