Monday, December 21

How to Find Work Staples: The Pump

The fourth and last essential in my Work Place Staples series is the Pump! 

For footwear, there’s nothing more classic than the pump. Personally, I don’t like 5/6 inch sky high tall shoes for work. There’s a perception that these shoes are more appropriate for clubbing than the office, but for me, I think it’s also how you wear them. It looks bad if your shoes are a bit too tall and your skirt is a bit too short, but wearing a pair of taller heels because your pants are currently unhemmed? Guilty! My other reason why I dislike taller shoes is that I walk slowly in sky-high heels. Don’t be the girl who can’t walk in her own shoes. 

Returning back to the types of pumps I do like though… I think I have a very specific preferred height of 3.5 inches. 
Office Staples: the Pump

The Black Pump - I’m not a girl of very many surprises, but it really shouldn't surprise you that I like plain black pumps. These go with your business suit, any outfit that could use a bit of toning down and everything in between

The Textured Pump - This is something new that I’ve been loving lately. The textured pump can be a basic color, because it's the texture really makes it stand out. I like alligator, suede and ponyhair to add a bit of dimension down below.

The Nude Pump - The nude pump is not a cop out... same shoe as the black pumps, just a different color. It's actually one of my favorite ways to fix up an outfit. The nude pump elongates the legs if the skirt or dress you're wearing cuts you off at a strange height and if you want to make your outfit a bit more springy. 

The Patterned Pump - Very similar to the textured pump, this shoe just adds interest to an outfit. If you're going plain with the outfit (no patterns, no statement jewelry, etc) just let your feet do the talking!

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What type of shoe do you usually wear to work? And Happy Holidays!


  1. I just bought a pair of black heels! They are a definite must for any closet! Just followed your blog!

    Trending In Fashion

  2. Loving the heels!

  3. I love your choice of sensible yet chic work shoes - the heel heights are all great options and the shapes are each so elegant in design!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  4. Comfort is key when at work! It's important to look stylish, yet feel good. Nice selections.

  5. I like the snake/gator pump a lot. I wish I could walk in heels but I straight up fall in anything over 3" so I stick to flats usually. 'Danger' is my middle name but I hate having scars. :)

  6. I like it all)

  7. Comfort is the main key in picking shoes for work. The last thing we need is sore feet at the end of the day with a tired mind and body. I opt for comfort flats most of the time. Merry Christmas!

  8. I'm a shoe fanatic & these are great picks! xoxo

  9. Great selection~! The blue ones are my favorite <33

  10. YES! I used to be the girl with the super high shoes because, well, I'm short. But then I got older and with age comes the wisdom that being in uncomfortable shoes all day is not worth it. Love pointed-toe pumps because they make me seem taller than I am and they're still so comfortable. I currently have them in nude, blue, pink, and 2 pairs of black. Adding more colors to my collection soon, of course.

  11. I'm still a student, but I know if I had a job that involved office wear I'd be the one in sky high heels haha. Love your picks!
    xo Kiki

  12. This are indeed handy pumps for work... Im working at home so I am not sporting any of them. I am planning on buying for a nude pumps for specials events though. :)

    (◕‿◕✿) | Instagram | Bloglovin

  13. Great post, I think a pair of black and nude are essential! I also have a red that I like to wear with my black outfits because it gives that pop of color. Red is more professional than a pink or orange, so I feel it's pretty safe. My heels are usually 1-2 inches, I have a hard time walking in anything taller than that hehe.

    xoxo Emily

  14. I never really liked pointed shoes because I have wide feet. This is the first year I'm actually loving it. :)

  15. i need to own a pair! i'm prone to flats, but these are so dressy and nice!

  16. Unfortunately I do not get to choose my shoes for work as we have to follow a uniform guideline. However we still wear nude patent pumps so this post is still perfectly relevant(ish) for me! :)

    Grace x


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