Monday, January 4

Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting Moisturizer Review

I have always, always wanted a foundation that looked cool like this. It's something childish about me that thinks the swirly effect is really really cool!

However, I'm not really in love with this particular foundation. It's more a tinted moisturizer, with a faint color that I feel like evens out my skin tone. (Not that I was expecting great coverage, I realize it says moisturizer with sunscreen on the box.) There's also SPF 15, which probably doesn't do much, but makes me feel less guilty. However, I hate the texture of this foundation. It comes out of the tube quite liquidy and blends in nicely with just my fingers but I feel the tacky texture on my face. There's not only a sticky feeling, but that stick feeling stays on your face for more than 15 minutes.

I'm still using it up now though... 
Looking forward to what my next foundation purchase should be! 

What foundation are you currently wearing? 


  1. Amazing post and love your whole concept

    Thanks for the support, I deeply appreciate it!!


  2. I feel like any foundations that have SPF tend to feel so sticky on my skin for awhile too. I really like the Cover Girl BB cream - it's not quite foundation either but gives me a little coverage with spf without feeling so sticky.

  3. This is a product that I really want to try. Thanks for these reviews though because my face has been getting a little dry lately, so i think i will give it a try!!

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  4. Such a beautiful pictures, my dear *_*



  5. That does look really pretty in the bottle. I've been working on getting my skin tone to be more even on its own because I'm far too low maintenance for foundation, or anything more than under eye concealer. I have also found SPF 15/18 doesn't do anything which is sad. I have to use SPF 50/PA++++ or I get super freckly. :(

  6. That's a pretty bottle. For me, MAC products work really well. They are light on my skin, and being slightly averse (read lazy) to makeup, I find it annoying when my face "feels" the product.

  7. Thank you for the honest review, girlie! I'd definitely skip this one... I really can't stand foundations that feel tacky! It makes my whole day a little "off", if you know what I mean haha.
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  8. I usually find tinted moisturisers from skincare brands such as Olay and Garnier very subtle. I actually quite like it because it looks more natural but still gives the moisture and sun protection that I needed. Although, I'll never go for that product because of the sticky feeling, it will drive me crazy! hehe. Thanks for the review :)

    -- new blogpost in my blog :)
    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  9. I've never tried but if it's sticky feeling, it's not for me.

  10. Lovely review, babe! Looks like Olay has come up with another new product :D

  11. I'm all about that tried and true Neutrogena skin clearing liquid foundation (which is light and doesn't get cakey or runny and is great for my combination skin), but I always want to try the swirly ones too! Too bad this one didn't turn out to be very promising.

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