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Summer 2014 - Scotland Recap 2

To see the first part of my Scotland Recap, which actually takes place in London, please see here. The story continues!

Thursday, July 19 - Travel to Scotland Day 

I left relatively early from my friend's house, and good thing too, as I got on the wrong train and there happened to be a delay in the service. I got a lemonade and almond croissant at the airport. The almond croissant was amazing and there's something about overpriced lemonade that was incredibly satisfying as well. The almond croissant is one of my new food loves. 

Next, continuing my flight connection drama, when I talked to Virgin Atlantic, they blamed my travel agency and proclaimed I could not possibly make that flight. I purchased a new ticket for about 270 dollars. Oh well... 

Following landing in Edinburgh, I spent 4 hours taking what should have been a 2 hour bus ride since the bus broke down on me! Finally at dinner time, I landed in Anstruther, a small fishing village in Fife, Scotland. I could have been stranded in Scotland, but thank goodness, I met up with my friend. 

For dinner we had Anstruther's famous Fish and Chips. It was good, but does not stand out among the fish and chip dishes that I've sampled. Also, due to travel and trying out new foods in the past few days, I had not had many vegetables in the past few days and found myself craving a fresh salad. I never even realized that could have such an effect on me!

Friday, July 20th - St. Andrews Day 

My friend attended the University at St. Andrews. I was content to relax for the day, explore the castle and graveyard (I soon learned that there was a castle and graveyard in every Scottish city), the golf courses, the university and the town. 

But first, breakfast. We went to breakfast at this absolutely adorable place called the Cottage Kitchen. Its white walls and wood furniture had a seaside cottage feel to it. 

I absolutely loved the decor... so you now get a ton of decor pictures! Everything was beautiful to me... from the spice jars to the gorgeous pastries on display, this place radiated seaside charm.

We ended up getting a full breakfast. Hot chocolate + coffee of some kind. I forget.

We may have also gotten cake for breakfast. This was amazing. Light and sweet but not cloying, so tasty!

Other breakfast items included toast with eggs. This was good, but if you slather anything in that much butter, it's gotta be good. I got toast with scrambed eggs and lox. The lox was great! You could definitely tell that it was quality.

My friend is a marine biologist. She studies whales and other such marine mammals. She's writing a super awesome thesis. And just for fun, she trains seals on the side. Friday morning, she had one of these seal training sessions and so I accompanied her to the local aquarium. While I was waiting outside for the aquarium to open, I captured the absolutely amazing view. Wouldn't you love to have a picnic out here? 

The aquarium itself was a bit disappointing. But after wandering around, we soon found ourselves in St. Andrew's famous golf courses. Here's a fact I learned: Most people have never heard of St. Andrews. Those who have, and especially those who are excited by the idea of visiting are avid golfers.I didn't really know what was going on so I just ended up taking a few pictures. 

From there, we wandered back into town and grabbed a smoothie at a local cafe. Afterwards, we went to visit the ruins of the cemetery and castle. I was really impressed by this site, but as I quickly learned, every since city in Scotland had some kind of ancient castle. 

Though the St. Andrews was less than 5 miles wide, we didn't really plan our trip well and ended up walking from one side of the town to the other... then back again. So it wasn't even 4pm when I got very tired. After lounging about, feeling sleepy for a while, I got some ice cream. This is an incredibly famous brand in Scotland... and I can see why. My elderflower flavored sorbet was delicious. After this, we went back and I promptly passed out until about 9pm, when I watched Drop Dead Fred with my friend and her landlord. 


  1. So green!! Totally jealous of this trip!

  2. Wow, look at that grass and sky. So majestic with the sea in the background as well.

  3. My goodness, it looks beautiful there!

  4. Looks so gorgoeus there. Sorry to hear about your transport problems, but it seems you took it in your stride.

  5. Looks like my kind of place. Good food, nice view. Love it.

  6. Wow! Scotland looks absolutely stunning! I recently made a friend from Edinburgh, and I never had a huge desire to visit until I heard the way she talks about. Now I've decided that I need to visit the entire UK and Ireland. Just seeing London isn't enough!

  7. Thanks for visitinv and leaving comment in my blog.

    Scotland is a beautiful place to visit.

  8. All that green! Just gorgeous! And The Cottage Kitchen's ambiance is a such a delight. I'd take tons of pics too if I was there:)

  9. Amazing place!
    Have a nice week-end!
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  10. Sounds like a fun few days! That cake you had for breakfast looks delicious!

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