Monday, March 7

2015 in Review

This Year in Review is a little late, but I mean, what else is new?

After seeing so many other bloggers share happy, sad, and eventful years, I wanted to look back on my own. To my surprise, the fact that I didn't blog for the first 7 months made me forget what I did... I wanted to separate my post into months and talk about my most memorable events from each month... Perhaps I'll have to do monthly recaps now, just in case an entire year passes me by and I forget what I experienced. 

January - New Orleans 

In January, I went on a work trip to New Orleans. While this was not my first time there, I feel like I got to explore the city a little bit more and had some good food. When looking back, I realized this was one of my experiences that I didn't really value. I should have been more present and taken the chance to feel out the city, rather than focusing on work. I'm not quite sure how to do that in the moment. Any tips? 

February - Worked A Lot 

I actually posted about this in early March, but I was very busy with work at the beginning of the year. While it was hard for me to not make every month about work in this recap, I think this is a fair one. I personally and professionally grew a lot this month with additional responsibilities at work and I rocked it. It's a proud moment in my career. 

March - An Absolute Blur

I looked through my photos, my facebook, my twitter and thought real hard... but I have no recollection of what happened this March. ...Let's not have that happen again. 

April - Colorado with Friends

Growing up in Arizona, I went to a Chinese school and met a lot of friends that way. Fast forward 10 years later, we've gone all across the globe, but SOMEHOW, made a weekend trip to Boulder, Colorado fit into all of our schedules. This is a truly incredible feat as not all of us live in the US or even the West Coast, and we are all busy with demanding work or school schedules. I kept in better contact with some friends, but it was great to see how everyone grew up... and how we haven't. We joked that if we did another such reunion in our mid thirties, most of us would be married with children. How quickly time passes. 

May - Phoenix Comic-Con 

I've attended this event for the last few years (2013, 2012). Some years, I planned for it, Other years, I volunteered. This year, I went on a whim and still had a ton of fun 

June - Visited NYC

I went with a friend from college to NYC for a week. This was a fun trip and on top of that, a great bonding moment with my friend. We got on each other's nerves a little bit, but overall, it was an awesome trip. Of course, I haven't gotten my act together making a post, but it's sure to come! 

July - Moved to Seattle 

After living in Phoenix, Arizona for over 13 years, (half my life!) I moved. I moved with my partner, which was a huge step in the relationship, but one that made me feel safe at the same time. This month was filled with a lot of packing, coordinating with moving companies, talking with coworkers about the new job situation and general fretting about. Moving has had its drawbacks, but at the end of the day, relocating my life is a huge personal achievement for me, since I loathe change of any kind. 

August - Flying High in the Sky 

I really wanted to get out and do a few things in Seattle, and I love nothing more than when someone else (usually my partner) finds an event. In this case, we went to a Chinese garden and flew kites up on a hill. This was such a fun experience as we spent the day outside working on making the kite go higher and higher. Running around in circles trying to get the kite up made me feel like such a kid. It's reckless abandon that you don't get to experience very much anymore.  

September - Played Tourist

Seattle started cooling down in September, so I quickly had to get my stuff together. There were so many places that I didn't end up exploring because it August was so hectic and I was living out of a hotel. So in quick sequence, I explored the Experience Music Project (EMP), a local museum and went on a hike. I've been on several other hikes (read: walks in the park) since then and have loved it all. If you're interested in seeing me on the go, follow me on snapchat at seven-percent

October - Reunited with my Co-Workers in Florida 

A few months after moving away, I got the chance to reconnect with some of my friends and co-wokers at a promotion event. It was awesome to see a few familiar faces and reminisce.

November - First Football Game 

Two things you must know: one is a fact about me and the other is a fact of life. First, the fact about me: I don't really understand sports. I don't like it and I don't follow it. Second, the fact about life -- Seattlites are obsessed with the Seahawks. This was how I ended up at my first football event ever! And my first sporting event outside of baseball. It was exhilirating to see the Seahawks play... I might be getting it...

December - Visited Home 

December was my first time home after moving away. It was a strange bittersweet feeling. I knew that many of my friends had already moved away for college and were used to this type of homecoming but for me, I felt like I didn't accomplish what I moved away to do (which was...?). At the same time, it was strange seeing some of my friends there. When we got together, it seemed like nothing changed.


  1. lol, I still have to do my year in review list too! ha. Sounds like you had a well-rounded one. I need to get back to NYC. And yes, the first visit home after moving is always bittersweet.

  2. i did a double take for a sec--i don't think i did one either!

  3. Totally feel you on March - while I was writing my 2015 recap I couldn't remember a thing I did in April, aside from my friend's birthday :"D I haven't done kite flying in ages! There was a kite festival in a city nearby but my friends didn't want to join me :C All your reunions make me wonder how my future is going to turn out (going to uni next year). Anyway, here's to a great 2016, yes! ^_^
    memoleaf - blog

  4. Awesome post! It's great getting to know you better. Have a wonderful week! xoxo

  5. Wow! You sure traveled a lot! I'm just now sitting back down on the blog since September so... don't feel bad for being behind!! haha!

  6. Lovely review of the year. You travel around a lot. I would wish to travel more but last year was a tiring and tight year so no oversea travelling. Hope to do it this year.

    Oh. You have been to Chinese school. Good for you. I wish I did but nay. Only know simple Chinese word. Cannot read but at least could converse in broken Chinese. Lol.

    Hope you have a great year ahead.

  7. It sounds like your time in Seattle has been an adventure. Let's hope that continues in 2016 right?

  8. What a great year in review. Never too late to look back on and enjoy events passed (past?). And glad to hear you're playing tourist in your new city. Spring is upon us and hopefully on Seattle!

  9. awesome year review! You certainly travel a lot and I am so jealous :) How do you like the weather in Seattle? I used to live in Vancouver and the rainy season there is something I never get used to.

  10. You travel a lot. That's the life I would love to live. It adds memorable memories! :)

  11. Looks like it was a great year! Hope 2016 is even better.

  12. your trip to colorado sounds amazing. how great that you've all kept in touch!

  13. If it weren't for blogging, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't remember most of what I did in a year either! I totally understand!

    And hey, I went to NYC this last year too! I was there in September! :)

  14. What a year! The move sounds stressful (moving is like my nightmare), but you grow SO much when you relocate. I'm sure you're see that now- but in the middle of trying to pack up your life and ship it across the country, that can be a little tough to suss out. ;)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. I....barely saw you all year. That feels so strange, but I really really enjoyed reading about what you were up to! :)

  16. That's amazing how your friends all manage to gather in Colorado for a reunion! I can barely find time to visit people one-on-one, which saddens me. I hope this March won't be a forgotten month for you and that you will make some memories to cement March 2016.

    Beauty V. Brains | fashion and beauty for smart girls who like stuff

  17. You sure had a blast last year. I wish you the same epic experiences this year.

  18. I like posting recaps every once in awhile...It's fun to go back and read them a year later! It seems like you made a good decision moving to Seattle. A close friend of mine lived there for years, and she always talks about how amazing it is.

  19. Nice recap! I think I may have only posted a few times last year. Blogging isn't really the hobby that it used to be for me, so I only occasionally read blogs now and post. But it seems like you had a really fun and exciting year! Moving to a new state can be scary and exciting at the same time, but in the end it's totally worth it!

  20. great photos! it seems like you had a wonderful time! thanks for sharing :)
    xx Jamie | With Love, Jamie

  21. Oh wow! You had a super busy 2015! That's amazing that you and your friends from Chinese school can still do a get-together like that even after all these years:) And yay for the Comic Con. I always go to our Fan Expo here as well:)

  22. I loved reading this recap of the past year. It's so nice to go back and think about all the memories that were made the previous year!

    Mallory // Perhaps Bananas

  23. Nice experiences ;)


    Mónica Sors



  24. Perfect year review. You travel a lot!


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