Monday, May 23

How to Find a Job Post Graduation

Too often, students do well in school and forget why they are there in the first place--to find a job. Graduation dawns all too fast and these students are left in limbo, often moving back home since they don't have anything prepared. In order to graduate with a job, keep these tips in mind. 

 1. Know what you want to do.  I know. I know. This is no easy charge. But starting your job search in your last year of university is far, far too late. You should be looking at internships the moment you enter college. Granted, these internships may not be able to support you, but try to make whatever position you take during school relate to your field. I know it's great to enjoy a summer off, but a summer off between when you graduate and when you start working is MUCH more relaxing. 

 2. Actually apply for jobs. I've also heard of students who have graduated complain that they don't get many callbacks, even though they've been applying for jobs all week. How many did they apply for? 5. At a certain point, you should really just be churning these applications out! A better goal is 15... per day. Remember, we not only want one job, but options to pick between. 

 3. Get a Plan B - that doesn't involve more school. There are a lot of people who pursue more school because they are good at it. It's great to do something that you love, but I think we need to keep a payday at the end of the tunnel in mind. It's not that jobs in academia aren't available, but whenever I've seen it, it's been rare. Don't go to get more school because that's what you've always done. Sometimes, we may need to take a position that's not ideal... to wait for something more appropriate to come along. If anything, you may discover a new passion or realize that your original idea is exactly the path you're meant to be on.e 

 After doing all this... you still may not get an offer. Everyone's situation is different. Not everyone wants to settle for the first job they find. Some people need to move to find gainful employment. Others are underemployed. I've seen it too, where bright, intelligent and hardworking students can't find jobs for reasons unexplained. Rest assured. Keep trying; it's not just you.


  1. Also dont be afraid to follow up after you do apply! So many dont :)

  2. Great tips, lady! I think knowing what you want to do a huge key to success. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Congrats to all graduates and may they find these tips. They're really helpful.

  4. Nice tips! It's also good for everyone.

  5. Great post! I'm sure these kids gonna find it very handy. TGIF!

  6. Good luck to all the grads out there! Those student loan letters are there before the ink has dried on the diploma!

  7. Great tips! I think that was my major problem in college - I didn't know what I wanted to do. I opted for the "Liberal Arts" thing and it got me nowhere, my head and my heart weren't in it so I ended up dropping out.


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