Monday, November 13

Lolli and Pops in Lynnwood

I must have separation anxiety or something because since I've moved here, I generally don't like going to the mall by myself. That's how this day started out special -- I was going to the mall with my partner. This was a rare occasion.

After a bit of negotiating on WHY we were really there and exactly HOW many more stores I could go to, we ended up at a busy candy shop. The employees were dressed up like old timey soda shop employees. Despite the long lines, grabby kids and lingering adults (me) they had an awesome attitude. One even did a little dance for my snapchat! (Time for the plug: follow me on Snapchat at seven-percent.) 

The candies in this shop were really something else. Overall, it was relatively high end and really specialized in gorgeous packaging. Just look at these chocolate bars ... Cookies and Cream? Strawberry Champagne? YUM.

They were pricey but absolutely worth it, especially if you were picking up a gift. I purchased (for myself) some crispy cake bundles (rice crispy cakes). While these were a little dry, I still loved the store and over all experience. 

Do you have a favorite "Candy Shop" in your area? I'd love to know!


  1. I NEED that Smokin' S'mores bar in my life! I honestly think expensive candy is totally worth it haha. Usually it's way better quality! Not to mention I'm a complete sucker for cute packaging. Oh well, you gotta live a little, right?!

    Susie |

  2. Wow, everything looks really good. That place would be bad for me.

    Ann-Marie |


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