Duza's Kitchen

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When I went back to Phoenix over the winter holidays, I knew I wanted to go to brunch at Duza's Kitchen. I had read it was an up and coming brunch place in the cutest neighborhood - the Coronado neighborhood, by Central Phoenix. 

When I got there, the food didn't disappoint. Though the wait time in the restaurant was a bit longer than I'd like, we did go during a fairly busy morning. 

My french toast was so eggy and sweet. The fruit compote on top was prepared to perfection.  I know there must be tons of sugar in this dish, but it didn't taste overly sweet. I prepare an OK french toast at home, but have never achieved this level of decadence.

My savory dish was just as delicious. I ordered Arepas (because when in the Southwest, get as much Mexican food as you can). While I didn't exactly know what arepas were, I received a fried egg, some chorizo, a black bean patty, a sprinkling of cheese and some pico! While the dish was pretty greasy, chorizo usually is on the greasy end. 

2243 N 12th St

Phoenix, AZ 85006

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  1. The sweet and savoury both look so good! When I go to brunch with a friend, we usually have one person order sweet and another person order savoury, and then we share ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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