Q1 and Q2 Goals Reflection

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And just like that, half of 2019 is over and we are well on our way to another decade. I started the year with a few well defined monthly goals which quickly devolved into one undefined goal. 


I had left my last job in the last two weeks of January and had two weeks of a break. During this time, I wanted to relax, write up some blog posts, and train my new dog. I didn't necessarily have anything concrete, but I think I did alright at these goals. 

Blogging - Definitely restarted back up my blog. I have some posts in reserves. I think I need to get a little better on commenting on other blogs (I read them, but if it's on my phone or otherwise inconvenient to comment, I won't do it.) 

Relaxing - Done and done! I watched at least a season of iZombie in January. It's an easy to watch episodic crime/detective show. My favorite! I feel like with the 5th Season as a final season, it has just enough episodes to make it last a while. 

Training - Ehh. The training is definitely still ongoing. The dog's a lot better than it was a few months ago, but there's definitely a lot of training left. 


February had a lot of changes, including starting my new job. I tried a little something different this month -- flossing! 

Flossing - I apparently hate flossing. I'll do it, but only if it's incredibly convenient to me and there is nothing else to do. I don't think I succeeded at this challenge at all, but I found a trick that will work for me -- leave floss everywhere. I'll reach for it eventually... 


In March, I canceled my workout plan. I had been going to Orange Theory for 8 months or so, and enjoyed it, but I had moved out of walking distance of the location. 

Working Out - Complete Fail! Even though I had a separate room and plenty of space to work out in my home, as well as a new gym, I spent my time in the evenings watching TV, playing with my dog, or reading. While these are all activities I enjoyed, I think I can combine a few of these with working out. I think I will need to keep better track of my workouts!


Nothing really happened in April... I was in a relaxed place at work, we had moved apartments at the end of March, and April was just spent settling in. The weather started improving in April, though, so I really wanted to get out of town. 

Road Trip - I was able to actually go to Hood River at the end of April, with me and my dog. This small town on the border of Washington and Oregon was just the right distance away to feel like we got out of the city, but close enough to comfortably travel to. 


May was a busy month, but I'm not exactly sure why. I got a lot of chores done in May. 

Car Maintenance - I've owned my vehicle since 2011, and have never once gotten it professionally washed. That meant for 8 years, grime just piled up on it. Of course, week after it got detailed I spilled some saucy food in the car, but that's just my luck. 


My little brother's 21st Birthday was in June, and I spent a whirlwind weekend with him in Manhattan. I knew that we had a lot of good food planned for that weekend, so I really wanted to eat mindfully before the trip. 

Healthy Eating - Despite having pizza at 10am and at 1am on the same day, with all your usual breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, I was able to not indulge before and after my trip. That, coupled with walking a ton, saved me from huge consequences from my indulgence. 

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  1. I can say my work out plans have consistently failed this year too hahahaha! I am trying to do better for the next half. Sorry about the sauce in car accident. That is the kind of luck that follows me too. Wishing you all the best for the next half of 2019.



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