The Solution

I started this blog 11/10 because I'd been reading a lot of other blogs and I wanted one as well. Some of my friends had blogs and I really wanted to join in on the fun. However, I'm the kind of person who can't just invest my time in things for fun (otherwise known as a stick in the mud). I wanted to make this blog mean something. So I, being an accounting major, created a few words to live by.

Responsibility, Transparency and Accountability. 
 The Responsibility: To write;
The Transparency: To write honestly;
The Accountability: To do as honestly as I write

It's not about sitting at home, watching life pass me by. I go through the monotony of life wanting something greater, but being afraid to reach for it. I want to be the most I can be, at every time and in every way. To quote a modern Japanese philosopher, "I want to be the very best, like no ever was."

In the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes occasionally takes a seven-per-cent solution of cocaine to escape; now, I have my own 7% Solution.

Of course, being a nerd, I have make a play on words.

To look for my solutions, click the 7% Solution tag. 
But long story short, this is a personal blog by all means of the definition.
I write about my goals, like cooking and exercise and home improvement. 
Sometimes I wax poetic and talk philosophy, work-life balance and careers.
I write about my interests like fashion and makeup
To do that, I share reviews, how to and inspiration.
I write about things that interest me.
Like all the places around Arizona.
I live.

Thanks for reading.