Crescent Lake in October

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Crescent Lake is on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. It's about 3-4 hours from the city of Seattle. The Crescent Lake Lodge is a small grouping of cabins and rooms on Crescent Lake. It's open from Late April through the end of November. 

I last visited in late October a few years ago and the temperatures were already very chilly. We stayed in the "Storm King" rooms which were built like hotel rooms with queen/king size beds. On the same property, there was also cabins large enough for big families/groups of friends as well as many other single rooms. Rumor had it that campsites were also available nearby, but I didn't explore that further due to the weather. 

In the summer, you could really take your time to explore the lake-- it's supposed to be incredibly clear. By the time that I visited, the boat rentals were already closing up shop for the year. 

We were however, able to fit in a hike. There's easy to medium hikes around the area, and we picked one to go see the waterfall. It's not pictured below, obviously as the actual waterfall was so humid that the humidity got into my camera. 

The trip was a relaxing, wifi-less adventure into nature. 

Memories of a day when we could go out, when the skies weren't hazy and filled with smoke. 

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