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In line with so many minimalism authors and some of my favorite youtubers, I wanted to keep track of what I purchased, and how often I used it. To see more about my minimalism journey, read here. I don't include food on this list, because I go through a lot of food and it's a split expense in my family. This also doesn't include all the dog toys, of which we have... a lot. Lastly, this doesn't include some home decor and storage items. I recently moved, and have spent a pretty penny on new storage shelves, carts, and clothing racks. 

So, that caveat aside, what did I actually purchase? 

Most Expensive Purchase - This was a tie between the Dog Bed and a "Striped Textured Sheath Dress" from Banana Republic. The Dog Bed was almost returned because the dog wouldn't sleep in it -- but now she's comfy there. The "Striped Textured Sheath Dress" was an impulse purchase as a result of a BR sale. I felt too uncomfortable in the dress and returned it after trying it on. 

Most Worth It Purchase - Pink PU Leather Bag - This was a $15 leather bag... and it's been my every day work tote for a few months now. I love the bright pink color, and while it's literally just fabric sewn together (very low on the construction details), it works! 

Most Regretted Purchase - Other than the item I returned, I regret the HeatTech Leggings. I really wanted to own something from UNIQLO, but the leggings have already started showing holes and loose threads.

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  1. I wanna try something like this soon. I just did winter/fall shoe inventory before I put them away until next season. I have piles even after donating multiple times over the few months and this certianly made me think before I buy anything else. My goal is to do the same with my clothes, purses, and makeup.

    I bought a new lounging cusion for my cat not too long ago. Thankfully, he took to it immediately but there are some pretty expensive stuff he totally ignored. Don't we wish to know the logic behind it? ;p

    1. You definitely should! I get a lot of satisfaction from tracking my things and usage!


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